We #SavorSummer with Outdoor Play! (Contest)

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Oh Summer! You have been fun and you will be missed, but for us, school starts Tuesday! 

We have had a blast eating outdoors and playing in the water, but it's about time to wrap up some of those activities. 

The one constant in our everyday is outdoor play! My girls haven't entered into the world of organized sports yet, but we sure do have a lot of fun playing. The awesome thing about living in Southern California, is we pretty much always have amazing weather, so we spend a lot of time outside. My girls play on their swings, ride their bikes and race, play hopscotch or jump rope, and they love their mini-basketball! 

I love to watch them playing outside together, it really is what makes my heart happy. 

How about you? Have you been hanging out outside this Summer? What is your family's favorite outdoor sports?

Well, if you're like me, you are taking pictures of your kids and now you can show off your outdoor sports skills by uploading a photo to Dixie's Summer Sweepstakes! All Summer long, they've been giving away fun stuff, and now you could win a gift card to purchase sporting equipment for the entire family. I think I would buy some t-ball equipment to help my girls get ready for next season.
See how much fun we've been having, what have you been up to? 
What would you buy?
The best part of Summer is running around and playing outside all day and ending it with a classic Summer treat, a s'more! 

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This is how we #SavorSummer!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dixie Consumer products. All opinions are my own. 

How has your Summer been so far? Sunny Southern California has had warm days since May, so we've been having to find fun and different ways to keep cool. But, it's fun! Summer is always fun. We definitely do our best to #SavorSummer by making fun memories every day. Dixie Ultra products wants to help you #SavorSummer with their super fun sweepstakes
We had a lovely pool side lunch with our Dixie plates before we jumped in the pool to cool off. Aren't these plates super colorful and bright? Perfect for Summer Time! 
What kind of fun ways do you keep cool and #SavorSummer? We like to use water guns, the water hose and the sprinklers to keep cool on most days. On special days, we blow up our inflatable pool and play for hours, hook up the hose to the Slip-N-Slide for exciting fun or visit our family to swim in their backyard pool. I think those smiles definitely show how we #SavorSummer! 

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Dixie Helps You #SavorSummer (Giveaway)

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Hey there!!! Memorial Day has come and gone and you know what that means right? Summer is (unofficially) here! Yeah!! If you are a Mom of kiddos in school, then I am sure you are more than ready for Summer break. I know I am. I mentioned a couple weeks ago about our love for eating outdoors during the Summer. So much so, we eat almost every meal outside. 
Our Memorial Day was a little bit overshadowed by some family stuff going on (I will mention that in another post) but we still need to eat and it was a beautiful sunny day in Southern California, so of course we ate outside. 
One of our favorite Summer meals is Pork Ribs, Baked Beans and Rice Pilaf. All homemade of course! I love that Dixie is durable enough to hold some delicious soupy baked beans without collapsing or becoming soggy. I have to admit we probably get the most use out of our Dixe bowls and plates for fruit. We eat fruit all day long and thankfully for Dixie I don't have all of those dishes to wash.

Now, onto the fun stuff. How would you like to win your very own pack of Dixie Ultra Plates and Bowls? I am giving away 2 packs of Dixie Ultra Plates and 2 packs of Dixie Ultra Bowls to one very lucky winner.
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Outdoor Eating Fun with Dixie Ultra #SavorSummer

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What is your favorite part of Summer? For me, and my family it is all about eating outdoors! We have BBQ's every single weekend at our house, and being a stay at home Mom, my girls eat almost every meal outside. I would have to say, besides the delicious food and the kids playing outside all day, my favorite part of outdoor eating is definitely the cleanup. Just the fact that we are not cooking inside, we tend to use a lot less pots, pans and dishes, because of course, outdoor eating goes hand in hand with Dixie Ultra products.  
When I say that during the Summer we eat almost every meal outside, I am not lying. We will have cereal or oatmeal in a Dixie Ultra Bowl for breakfast, sandwiches or pasta on a Dixie Ultra plate for lunch, and everything from tacos, rice and beans to fried chicken on a Dixie Ultra plate for dinner. And everything in between! The big test is watermelon, the juicy fruit is a favorite in our home, and Dixie Ultra soak proof plates pass with flying colors.  Of course, not having to wash as many dishes in the Summer heat is the best!

Dixie Ultra plates and bowls are my favorite brand to use because they have a soak proof shield, are cut-resistant and microwave safe.
I love that I save on dish washing by being able to cut and serve on the same plate. 

The always reliable and stylish Dixie is launching their "Dixie Ultra Savor Summer Sweepstakes" starting soon! Which means all throughout Summer they will be giving away amazing prizes!  (I will also be giving away some Dixie products in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!) 
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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dixie Consumer Products

Do you eat outside during the Summer months?