{DIY}5 Minute-Under $5 Fall Decoration

I just wanted to share a quick 5 minute DIY Dollar Store 5 Minute Fall Decoration. I love quick and easy projects. Especially since every now and then, I get in over my head and spend hours and days and numerous trips to multiple stores on a project.
This one is Dollar Store everything. I always have so much paper on hand, so I picked up this cute little owl from the Dollar Store and these handy Elmer's glue pens. So, I started by making a paper fan out of orange paper. Accordion fold large pieces of paper and glue them together to a pretty orange fan. 
Next, I cut some pieces of paper just large enough to cover the cut outs on the owl. 
And here is my Fall door decoration. Simple, under a few dollars, and easy enough for the kiddos to help with. 
Oh and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of the other projects I've come up with on the fly for Fall. 

We always decorate our refrigerator. Every year I try and come up with something different, this year we have we welcomed Bonehead to the house. He's fun! Bonehead came to life by free handing some bones on white and black paper and that was it, voila! 

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 Our large spider on a web is usually just made out of paper, this year, we made him 3D with black garbage bags. We filled it with scrunched up paper and made his web out of black ribbon. The rest of the house is all at the hands of my dad. He loves to decorate, even though he wont admit it. And it's obviously where I get that from. 

What's your favorite Halloween decoration?