Lacey's Garden Fairy 4th Birthday

Lacey's Garden Fairy 4th birthday has come and gone and was a lot of fun. This year I contemplated cancelling the party due to the weather being in the upper 50's (yes, I realize we are spoiled Southern Californian's). For this party I was really excited to enhance our yard and turn it into an enchanted garden filled with butterflies, large flowers, toadstools, and of course fairies. 
One day in the middle of December, I dressed Lacey in a tutu, a crown, and some wings we had from a Halloween costume and followed her around our yard with the camera on my phone. I LOVED the pictures and put together an invite to the party.  
Here is Lacey, standing in her garden looking for lost things during the treasure hunt. 

Fairies Welcome! Grab your wands! (DIY of course!) 

These are the large flowers I made out of tissue paper and the stems out of leftover Christmas wrapping paper rolls.  I had been dying to make these flowers ever since I stumbled upon this tutorial on DIY Giant paper flowers. 
I always try to decorate the arch for photos, and this time I had some large leaves cut from one of our trees, added my flowers and my homemade toadstools. The toadstools were made out of spray painted bowls, with the stems also being from our yard. 
The tables had a burlap runner with some large flowers I made out of more paper. 
A close up of the flowers I made out of tissue paper. 

One of the activities for the party was "Make your own Pixie Dust." I set up a table with some colored sand, paper for funnels, and little corked bottles for the kids to make their own sand "pixie dust."  
My girls had no idea about this activity so they were so surprised that they got to make their own pixie dust. It's been two weeks and they still walk around with their bottle shaking it at me every day
Thankfully there is always someone around to help the little ones.

The cake was AMAZING! My sister Melinda did it again! All the work she put into all the little details is insane!
"Tink" sitting on a rose was the topper and she was surrounded by flowers, butterflies, caterpillars and ladybugs. 
So So pretty right?!
A little snack mix for the kids. (M&M's, Cookie Crisp, Marshmallows,  Chocolate Teddy Grahams, and Lucky Charms)

This is a close up of the crowns and tutu's that I made for all of the girls, along with their fairy wings of course. 
The dress up station with tutu's, crowns, wings and wands. 

My girls in their fairy attire.

After all of the work and hot glue burns, this is exactly what I envisioned. The little girls feeling special wearing crowns, tutu's and fairy wings!
When I ask Lacey what her favorite part of her party was, she says, "The treasure hunt!" I put together "lost things" like buttons, shells, glass beads, wooden beads, butterflies, thimbles and paper clips and scattered them around the garden. The kids had a lot of fun searching and filling up their little bag with treasure.
My nephew Dylan won the prize for the treasure hunt, he must have found this hidden place filled with lost things. 
The girls hunting for lost things. 
I loved the large over-sized flowers. They were fun to make and so pretty to look at, they actually found a new home in my daughters' room as a garland. 
The snack table with a garland of butterflies and flowers, and a canopy out of a plastic tablecloth. 

Tinkerbell and friends pinata
My little garden fairy Lacey had an amazing time at her birthday party, weeks later, she is still talking about it. A big thank you to my sister Melinda and Adriana for all the hard work on the beautiful cake, my sister-in-law Tricia for the pictures, my dad once again for the help with setup, and to all my family who helped with food and side dishes. Love you all!