Dylan's 2nd Pirate Birthday Party

Recently, my Sister in Law Tricia put together a really adorable/intimate pirate party for my handsome nephew Dylan's 2nd Birthday. I wish I had a picture of the invitation she created, because it was really cute. As soon as she said, "Pirate Party" I asked if I could make hats! She did an amazing job, and I was able to help a bit here and there too!

My incredibly handsome nephew Dylan!

I made about 10 pirate hats for the kids to wear. 

Black felt, cut, sewn, and painted using a stencil.

When I found this pirate ship at Michael's for less than $5, I


to make it for my nephews party. And then, I opened it and it included the most vague "non-instructions" I have ever seen. It came out nice, but it was a lot of work putting it together.

The main table

I loved the "fleet" of cupcakes with sails, under the big ship.

For the bithday banner I used my Cricut to cut the black letters on red and white striped paper. 

A close up of the ship that I built.

I also used my cricut to cut out the shapes for the paper part of the centerpieces.

Tricia's yummy snack mix was a hit!

It included Honey Chex & Goldfish, pretzels, M&M's and raisins.

The birthday boy in his pirate hat.