Halloween 2012

Holy Moly! Halloween is over! It has been a very very very long month. Very long, and tons of fun. My oldest daughter Lacey has caught on to my craftiness, and every day she would ask me, "Momma, what are we going to make today?" We have been busy, and of course, it has been documented, so please enjoy. 

Every day Lacey would ask, "Is today Halloween?" It got a little tiring trying to explain days and weeks to a 3 year old. I decided to make a calender to hang in the hallway and filled it in with our scheduled events. She traced all the dates, and then every day both girls would put a sticker on the day that passed. 

This was my first fall decoration of the year. On October 1st , I brought out some burlap, paint and glitter and created this lovely little fall owl. It got a little messy when a certain 2-year old decided to shake the glitter before it fully dried. Oh well, that is just part of DIY around toddlers. 

More decorations for Halloween! 

I really wanted to decorate our big white garage door this year and came up with this spider and web.  

Growing up in the city, there were never really pumpkin patches to visit, we bought our pumpkins at the grocery store and really knew no different. However, where Mark grew up (50 miles outside Los Angeles) the pumpkin patches were huge!! Visiting the pumpkin patch is definitely a fun fall tradition with the kids. We overpay for pumpkins, visit the petting zoo, play some games, and watch as the kids ride the ponies. It gets more and more fun the older the kids are getting. 

I can't take credit for this decoration, my dad made these masks for the girls' pictures one day while we were gone for the day. It was hilarious to find their pictures decorated. Lacey says, "I'm Batman, and Lexie, your Robin!" 

Of course the kids could not just sit by and watch while I make decorations. They had to get involved! I cut out some pumpkins and some shapes for eyes and mouths, handed Lacey the glue stick and she went to work! It surprised me that she knew where to place the eyes, noses and mouths, they came out really good! I love that Lexie had the attention span to complete one and then moved on to her toys.

As the girls created their pumpkins, I cut out bats, glued some googly eyes and strung them together. Just a fun, simple little decoration. 

These were so much fun. I cut out the spiders, skulls, and bats and then had to decide where to hang them. I really loved the finished product, in the front window, behind the sheer curtain. I will be saving these decorations for the future Halloweens. 

Oh! Why oh why do I have to make their costumes?!! Haha,  I know I love to do it, but this year was a little bit more stressful. For whatever reason, my handy dandy Singer sewing machine was fighting me for days before I finally got it to work properly.

The girls were really into the LaLaLoopsy girls this year, and watched the movie over and over. I asked them to pick which character they wanted to be and Lacey picked "Jewel Sparkles" because she is a ballerina who wears a crown and has a pet kitten. Lexie chose "Pillow Featherbed" probably because she is the main character in the movie and she has the doll. 

Each LaLaLoopsy character has a corresponding pet. I made these trick or treat bags for them in a couple hours, and  most importantly the girls loved them. 

Lacey's "Jewel Sparkles" costume was probably the most intense project I've completed. I was really really pleased with the outcome. Once my machine started cooperating, her costume just had layers upon layers upon layers, and it seemed like it would never end. Lexie's "Pillow Featherbed" costume was a different story. I am disappointed to say that I did not complete her costume. There was some additions that I never completed, but I just ran out of time. She still looked cute!

One of our annual events that we attend every Halloween is the Trick or Treat event in Orange, CA. It takes place the Thursday before Halloween and all of the shop owners around the streets come out and give out candy to the kids. It is pretty insane and busy, but it's fun! And, luckily for us, my sister lives right near the event, so we get to visit the girls aunts and get front row parking. 

My nephew "Buzz Lightyear" and sister-in-law joined us at the Trick or Treat in Orange, CA.

This year we went to an adult Halloween party, I was a Lion and Mark was a  Mexican. HAHA!  Really, not a very far stretch from our normal selves. I've always been called "Liona" because my hair gets big and curly when I wake up. It was such a good time. I am always so focused on my kids and their needs, it was so fun to dress up, drink and dance with my best friend who I don't get to see very often. Good times! 

Pumpkin carving is a definite must for Halloween time! This year they did a pretty good job at cleaning them out and getting their hands dirty. Lacey drew the face on her pumpkin and I did the carving, maybe next year she can handle her own knife? We'll see! Lol! 

Coraline! Coraline Jones!

Lacey's first movie she ever sat and watched all the way through,  it has been one of her favorites since she was a year and half. This was her Disneyland costume!

We are not frequent Disneyland visitors. To be honest, we just can not afford it. However, this year we made the sacrifice of leaving my husband at home, bought one ticket for myself and the kids got in for free. Mickey's Halloween Party is so much fun! The ticket prices are cheaper than usual, we get to go on the rides, trick or treat, and watch the parades and fireworks. Disneyland is a magical place, and I'm glad I got to experience it with my girls again this year. 

On our way out of the house, I found a cape and the Mickey ears with the Fantasia hat, and just like that Miss Lexie became a wizard! She looked so cute and stood in her costume all day while at Disneyland. 

Teacups! This picture will be framed!

Lacey's Coraline wig didn't make it past the first dip on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Lexie and her Nana (My mom) on the teacups. 

Lexie with me on the Dumbo ride.

This made me so nervous. I do not like rides at all, I can barely stand the carousel without feeling uncomfortable. This is as crazy as a ride I am willing to go on with my kids though. Once they're ready for roller coasters, I won't even be able to watch.

I had to capture at least one picture of me with the girls. Just so they have proof that I was there with them, since I am always holding the camera. They were so tired by the end of the night. 

Oh! Here are some of the friends they met while making memories. I think they were most excited to see Jessie the Cowgirl. 

The girls watching the parade and waving to the princesses. And of course, the magical castle. 

Tonight, Halloween night.

 Our neighborhood is always such a fun place on Halloween. Everyone comes out and sits in their driveways to hand out candies to all the families and kids that cover the streets.  So many houses are decorated, we visited a haunted house and a pirate ship, a couple people were even projecting Halloween movies on their garage doors.

This is our town, our little community called Hillside Village. This sign is at the end of our street, I am so proud  that my kids are growing up in this fun and culturally enriched neighborhood.

We had such a fun month making memories.