It takes a special Father to be a Daddy

 I look like him, and although I always deny it, I am a lot like him. 
My dad has always been a provider, a protector and my daddy. 
It must be a strange thought for some people, that I still live with my Dad. For us, it works. 
Like every father-daughter relationship, we went through our rough patch for a while when I grew up. I think the best thing any Father can do, and that my Dad has done, is apologize for the mistakes that they have made because, well, they are human too.
 I don't think you can understand or appreciate that apology until you are a parent yourself. Because, now I know, being a parent is not easy.  I have a pretty great relationship with my Dad at this point in life. He is a great Papa to my girls and I really couldn't ask for anything more. 
I am so glad that I have albums filled with memories like this, because for some reason I don't remember very much of my childhood. Here are some things I do remember of my Daddy from when I was growing up.

My dad worked a lot. I remember him coming home in the evening and asking what we were watching on TV. We'd say, "Who's the Boss?" and he'd always say, "I am. But what are you watching."

My dad played softball with his brothers on the weekends and because of that, I got to see and play with my cousins a lot.

I remember my dad taking me to several fire stations for Open House one time and I was so cool, because I got to hold the big fire hose. 

I remember watching my Dad dressed in a long sleeve sweatshirt, gloves, jeans tucked into his boots, and a pool net over his head as he knocked down the wasps nests outside. 

I remember calling my dad to pick me up from a friends house around the block because a dog had chased me while I was riding my bike.

I remember going over to my grandpa's house on football Sundays so he could hang out with his Dad (while my sister and I watched American Gladiators on a 4 inch black and white television).

I remember my Dad signing Brad Pitt's name on a pledge form for a jump rope competition that I was raising money for. 
My Dad hasn't changed much. 
He does the same things with my kids, as their Papa, as he did when I was little. He teases them the way he used to tease me, says the same corny jokes from when I was a kid, and mostly, I wouldn't have it any other way.