Lacey's Candyland Party

Ok! Lacey's 3rd birthday Candyland Party was a hit! It was a lot of work, and this time, it wasn't only me working late hours. I have to thank my Dad for all of his help, and my sister Melinda Martinez, and her girlfriend Adriana Manzo for all of their help making all of the desserts, and my best friend Debra Castellanos for the last minute help the night before. And a big thank you to my sister in law Tricia Russell for capturing all of my hardwork in these amazing pictures.
The Decor
It was Candyland, so there had to be a gameboard trail.
The other main part of the decor was the hot pink ribbon that was wrapped around the white beams in our patio. It looked so much like candy cane, I loved it!
The Invite
Included the pictures from Lacey's Birthday photoshoot. It was a little busy, but I loved it!
The Centerpieces

The Favors..
We made all of these sweets! Popsicle shaped rice krispy treats, iced doughnuts on a stick, brownies on a stick, cupcakes in cones... and more.

The Candy Garland!
 I had so much fun making these. Small balloons, wrapped in tissue paper, wrapped in cellophane. (All supplies from the Dollar Store :))

One of my favorites!
I made her name out of tissue paper, which I thought was pretty nice!
As well as the poster of Lacey, listing her favorites at the age of 3. I am in love with this poster!

Lollipop woods... with Princess Lolly!

Lollipop Woods
Lollipop woods had a bunch of treats on sticks! Doughnuts, cookies, rice krispies, and all different types of lollipops.

"Lollipop" Cookies.

Chocolate Mountain
This table had sooo many chocolate treats and candies!

Gummy hills
This was definitely the biggest hit! I had to refill the gummys a few times.

The Birthday Girl

Cupcake Commons
Small cupcakes, regular cupcakes, and one large cupcake. We also had super colorful chocolate dipped pretzels, and these ceramic cupcake piggy banks that I was super lucky to find at the dollar store!
Licorice Lagoon & Ice Cream Slopes
Licorice Lagoon consisted of 4 different licorice flavors. And for Ice Cream slopes, I didn't want to deal with ice cream. So, I baked cupcakes into different ice cream cones, and had donut pops, and popsicle shaped rice krispies.

Candy Castle
Why not have more candy?
Ice Palace
Since this party was in January, I didn't know how the weather was going to be. So I planned on not serving ice cream. So, Ice palace was our beverage station, decorated with leftover christmas decoations! 

Lacey and her cake.. after the "Candyland" party, how could I not let her bite that whipped cream?