Medieval Times is Teaching Kids to be Chivalrous

Medieval Times is Teaching Kids to be Chivalrous

We've been to Medieval Times a few times over the last few years, and even as recently as celebrating my daughter's 8th birthday earlier this year. We love everything about the Dinner show. It's familiar and for people like my husband, who have been going to Medieval Times since he was a young boy, it's a bit nostalgic. I just learned about their Matinee show, I didn't even know they had shows during the day. The matinee program is geared more towards school aged children and has an anti-bullying message. How cool is that?

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OSH - Buena Park Grand Opening!

You know that feeling when you find a place that makes you happy? There are very few places that I can become inspired just by wandering around for a few hours. I like to call these places my happy places. OSH - Orchard Supply Hardware is definitely one of my happy places. Last week I went on a tour of the new OSH opening in Buena Park and the inspiration hit me in every area of the store. Now my mind is just spinning with new DIY projects and redecorating ideas. I love that feeling!

Before touring OSH I though it was just a hardware store, you know, tools, plants and nuts and bolts. But I was so excited to discover that OSH is so much more. While walking around OSH I was greeted by so many beautiful colorful items and all I wanted to do was redecorate every single inch of my house, inside and outside. 

I love the smell of soil and flowers that welcomes you into the nursery. OSH has plants and flowers of every kind and will even pot your newly purchased plant for you while you shop. You can buy a beautiful new pot (they have MANY options) and plant and have it ready for you to just take home. Oh, and if you are one of those people that have a hard time keeping your plants alive, they have a return policy. All you need is your receipt or if you are a member of OSH rewards, they will keep track of all your purchases. 

Whenever I tell someone about my love for OSH I always tell them about all the pretty things that I find when I'm there. They definitely offer more decorative and design options than other "hardware" stores and that is something I can appreciate. But more than just a lot of pretty things, there is potential for fun projects everywhere. 

Look at all the fun stuff. If you love Mason Jars, OSH has them in all shapes and sizes and all the accessories to go with it. Oh and the marquee letters are super cool and battery operated, I kinda want them all. 

Okay! So, now that you know all about the fun stuff at OSH, you have to get out to the Grand Opening of the new OSH in Buena Park. This weekend February 20-21, they have awesome deals, coupons and prizes for the first customers in line. 

So stay tuned to the blog because I have a lot of great projects in store to share with all of you!

Tell me: What kind of DIY projects would you like to see on the blog? 

A Very Happy Birthday to Me and YOU at Medieval Times, CA! (Giveaway!!!)

Another year has come and gone, and I am a year older, it's true. Last year we began the tradition of attending Medieval Times for my birthday and this year was our best visit yet because we got to go behind the scenes. Even though it is my birthday, I am giving YOU (my readers) a present! Lucky you! How would you like the chance to win a 

Family Four Pack of Tickets to Medieval Times

? Keep reading to find out how you can win.

Before I get into all of the fun details of our behind the scenes tour, let me just say Thank you to Medieval Times for allowing us to visit before the doors opened to the public and providing us this amazing opportunity. 

Naturally, with my two daughters in tow, our first stop on our tour was the dress up area where guests can dress the part of a princess or prince or king or queen to have a souvenir photo taken.

Those are some happy princesses in front of the green screen. 

Our next stop, the horses of course! These beautiful Andalusian horses are so incredible up close, I just couldn't take my eyes off of them. 

I am a little bit intimidated by horses, it's probably just the city girl in me, but my little girls are not afraid. They felt so special being able to feed the horse and get close enough to pet them.

We walked in on this rehearsal behind the scenes of two knights preparing for the show. I was so impressed by all of the knights, they rehearse and train every day for 5 hours prior to the show. And just so you know, they have two shows almost every day of the year. That's a huge commitment for these knights and most of them come from very little experience with horses. When you watch the show you can see just how much hard work goes into being knights. 

Now, of course, this was the coolest part for my husband. He got to check out all of the weapons! All of the weapons are very real, big, and authentic to the time period. It is amazing that the knights fight with them while riding the horses. 

Here is another behind the scenes shot of some awesome knightly rehearsal. I have to admit it is really fun to see the knights out of character for a bit before the show. 

The fun starts from the moment you walk in the door of the castle of Medieval Times this is when you get to see which Knight you will be cheering for. My husband prefers the green knight, his favorite since he was a kid. 

If you have never been to Medieval Times I warn you, the four course meal is delicious, but there are no utensils. You eat with your hands, it's fun and messy and you will love it! 

The show is amazing, the story, the cheering, the horses, the knights, the falconer, the princess, the battles and the meal. All of it makes for a very memorable evening. 

My daughters cheered their hearts out hoping to win a rose from our Green Knight and were less than thrilled to see another young lady receive a crown from the princess. Haha! 

Even though they didn't win a rose, we had so much fun cheering on our knight as he won! 

Okay, so let's get down to it. Now, that I've filled you in on all of the fun at Medieval Times, go ahead and enter to win a family 4 pack! 

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Argh! Fun times at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure!

Argh Matey! 
We had the best time recently at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, CA. If you are looking for something fun and different to take the kids to and keep them talking for a while, this is it! My girls were so excited when we told them that we were going, but had no idea what they were in store for. 
These little girls could not wait to get in and see what all the fuss was about! I couldn't wait either, all I knew was that there may or may not be a dragon. Yup, a DRAGON!
It is rare when I make an appearance in any of our photos, so this selfie was the best I could do to prove that I was in fact there with my family. 
The show is incredibly interactive and fun for the whole family. From the time you show up, the pre-show introduces all of the pirates and characters and this is when you learn who you will be cheering for throughout the show. We had the purple pirate and he was such a goofball and so much fun to watch! 
Most people want to know how the food is.Well, let me tell you, it is tasty and plentiful! The portions are perfect and definitely fill you up! For the Adults, your options are Soup or Salad, Beef skewers or 1/2 a Chicken, and rice or potatoes, and veggies. The kids meal consisted of Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and Mac N Cheese and my girls sure gobbled it up. Oh and how could I forget dessert? A warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle. 
Now, let me get back to the details of the show, as you can see my daughters could not tear themselves away! 
This guy right here was our pirate, the purple pirate. He was hilarious, as you watch the show, all the characters have a part and talk and fight, but we couldn't take our eyes off of our pirate, he was always doing something goofy or silly in the background of the scenes. 
The gypsy was my daughters favorite character, they are still talking about the beautiful gypsy girl and how amazing she was. She was definitely talented, even my husband was mesmerized by her.  
I don't want to give away too many details of the story, so here are just a few shots from our view, and of the pirate ship. 
The whole show was super fun and entertaining and the service was great. Our server almost never left our table. They did an amazing job. 
The colors of the lighting, sounds, songs, effects and story line are all amazing. 
They could not believe they got to meet her, the lovely gypsy woman in person. They loved her!
So now that you've read my review and seen a few sneak peek photos, are you ready to take the kids? Well, guess what, I have got a special deal to share with you. 

You are so welcome! Now tell me, have you been to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure? What was your favorite part? What are you most looking forward to?

Argh Matey! Come Live the Pirate's Life at Pirate's Dinner Adventure (Discount inside)

I'm talking about Pirate's Dinner Adventure (Winner of Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor December 2013).  Personally, I was waiting until my girls were a little bit older. And what better time than Summer break? They are now ready to experience the two-hour live performance featuring an astonishing display of special-effects wizardry, aerial artistry, swashbuckling swordplay and dynamic duels. What makes this dinner show special is the interactive element, more than 150 guests have the chance to play an actual role in each show! Sounds so fun!

I mentioned dinner right? 
If you're curious about the food, take a peek at the menu for the four-course feast fit for a pirate king:
Pre-show Appetizers
Vegetable Soup or Fresh Garden Salad
Roasted Half Chicken or BBQ Beef Kabobs
Buttery Mashed Potatoes or Caribbean Rice and Fudge Brownie a la mode. 
*Vegetarian and kids meals are available. 
The meal also includes unlimited soft drinks and complimentary coffee.
I say it's perfect for Summer with their fully-enclosed, air-conditioned venue. Complete with two full bars, gift and photo souvenir shops. The show also offers complimentary on-site bus, car and handicapped parking. And guests from all over the world are accommodated by a multilingual staff with exceptional customer service.

For $25 off Adult and $15 off Child admission over the phone and mention code "USFAM" at time of purchase. Reservations required.
Pirate's Dinner Adventure is conveniently located off the 5 and 91 freeways in the heart of the Buena Park entertainment zone just 10 minutes away from the Disneyland Resort and 15 minutes from John Wayne Airport with domestic/international service.

Things to do and see in SoCal {Medieval Times}

Almost a week has passed and I am still recovering from my very eventful birthday weekend! As I mentioned in my previous post, I ended my birthday celebrations at Medieval Times. It was a kind of a big deal for me, since it was my daughters' first time. I told them all week long that we were going to visit a castle, and we were going to see knights and a real princess. So, of course, there I was spending my birthday eve cutting up my prom dress to make Lacey a princess dress. (She wore her princess dress for 3 days in a row-- Big Mom Points for me!) 
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times
Their gift to me, was watching as their faces lit up when they first saw the knights, horses and of course, the princess. Everything about the night was just so much fun. It was all about fresh new experiences for my girls. They got to eat with their hands, waive a flag and cheer, and eat a meal while watching a live show. I am all about soaking in these moments.
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times

The last time I was at Medieval Times was 10 years ago and I have to say there have been a lot of changes. Medieval Times just celebrated the one year anniversary of their new show and it is awesome. For me, the horses and their choreography are by far the highlight of the show, they are so graceful, and beautiful. The entire show has such cool new battle scenes, lighting and really powerful music. The score made the show much more intense. 
If you are wondering if your little ones are too young to sit through the show, my 4 and 3 year olds were completely entertained the whole time. I never once heard any whining or complaining, the show was perfect for them. They were a little bit too distracted to eat their meal, but that happens almost every other night.
Below you can see my little princesses all dressed up. The blue one is handmade from my old prom dress, and the other is Merida's dress from Disney's Brave. My little ones loved cheering for the Red Knight, although they had no idea what was really going on, they loved every minute of it.
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times
Did you know that you can get a free pass to Medieval Times on your birthday? Oh yeah! You know I love me some birthday freebies, you can check that out here! And, if you want to celebrate with a group (10 or more), for just an extra $7 (+tax) you can get a bunch of extras to help make your birthday even more special. You get a birthday announcement and a group photo, a slice of cake, a strawberry slushy in a souvenir castle cup and a cheering banner for each guest! Call the group sales office to set that up:
 (714) 521-2342 
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times
I can't wait to go back, I think we may have to make this an annual birthday celebration.
 Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets with the Royal Treatment upgrade in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. All images are copyrighted and used with permission.

Things to do and see in SoCal {Two new exhibits: Titanic and Bodies}

*I was not paid for this review, however, I did receive free admission as well as the tickets to giveaway. All opinions are my own. 

This week I attended a preview for two amazing new exhibits in Buena Park, CA. Titanic the Experience and Bodies... the Exhibition.
First off, let me just say that both of these exhibits were pretty amazing. Titanic the Experience was historical and educational, and Bodies... the exhibition was kinda like something you've never seen before, unless you are a surgeon or perform autopsies. Honestly, Bodies made my stomach feel a little uneasy. Read on to find out why.

Titanic the Experience
 Titanic the experience is an innovative way to teach historical facts about something that most people feel they are familiar with. Yes, we've all seen the fictitious version with Jack and Rose, but it is a real mind trip to see artifacts that were actually retrieved from the wreckage. 
This was a recreation of one of the lifeboats. It is pretty insane to see the size of these things, and to see how many people could have fit in them. We all know that there were not enough lifeboats for the amount of passengers on the ship, thankfully the regulations changed after the Titanic perished. 
A model of Titanic
Full recreations of the halls and of one of the rooms of the Titanic. Pretty crazy to see the small quarters that the 1st class slept in. 

There are numerous artifacts from the ship to look at throughout the exhibit. There is even a part of the Titanic that you can touch. Pictured above and below is a floor tile from First Class Dining room, and I guess the reason I found this really interesting is because you can see that there is obvious deterioration because it was retrieved so many years later from the sea floor, but how much of it that is still in tact really blew my mind! 
The Iceberg
A definite highlight to the exhibit is the iceberg. Being able to touch the iceberg and get a tiny idea about just how cold the water must have been for the passengers that went into the below freezing waters. 
This room was really cool! 
The room gives you a feeling of walking on the sea floor. You walk on glass, above sand, and the lights projected in the room give the illusion of being undersea. It kinda made me dizzy, and a little uncomfortable to be walking on a see through floor, but the information that the room presents was really interesting. It explains how they were able to visit the Titanic wreckage and retrieve artifacts. 
This exhibit is really cool. You think that you know everything there is to know about the Titanic, but I guarantee you will leave with some new insight into this part of our history. 

 Bodies... the exhibition
Okay, enough can't be said about this exhibit. Seriously, I didn't think that it would affect me at all, I mean I can watch doctor shows on t.v. and blood doesn't make me squirm at all. But, I was wrong. Walking in and seeing the Skeletal system was one thing, I see skeletons every Halloween, no big deal. Then I got to the muscular system. Seeing the layers of skin and muscle, made my stomach feel a little weak. Not enough to make me turn around and leave, the information was way too interesting to turn around. The experience was completely worth my hour long queasiness. 

See, a skeleton, no big deal. I mean, impressive, yes. 
And then realizing that these are real human bodies was what puts it all into perspective.
Muscles of the head... whoa. Okay, enter queasiness here! That is a real half a head! The layers of  muscle separated from the skin and bone was just a bit too much for me. 
This is one body. 
They separated the skeletal system from the muscular system, and shows you that within your body, one system can not rely on itself alone. 
Yup.. that is what you and I  look like on the inside when we shoot hoops! 
This was by far the most impressive to me. These are the nerves. I don't think I ever pictured what my nerves look like inside my body, I mean, they are there, but what do they look like. If you can see, it starts in the brain, and they go down your body. 

This exhibit is the best lesson into your body that there could be. Another interesting part of the exhibit, is the diseased body parts and what cancer, gallstones, strokes, and aneurysms look like.  Also, just as an FYI, there is a portion of the exhibit that covers fetal development. You can decide whether or not to view this exhibit, because it can be difficult for some people. Personally, I walked through it, but didn't look closely at the specimens, I just read the provided information. 

If you are near the Buena Park area and are looking for something to do, go check out these exhibits! You will leave with a ton of information and insight into a piece of our history and our bodies. 

Premier Exhibition Center

7711 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620 
Former Movieland Wax Museum

Single show price 
Adult: $16.75
Child: $12.75
Combo price (both shows)
Adult: $28.50
Child: $20.50

Things to do and see in SoCal! #BodiesBuenaPark #TitanicBuenaPark

 This summer, I will be visiting some awesome places and attractions around beautiful Southern California and you all will be coming along for the ride. 
First up on my list are Two New Exhibits: BODIES... The Exhibition and Titanic The Experience opening side by side in Buena Park on August 1! I am so excited to check these out! And you should be too! You can enter a giveaway below for a family 4 pack admission to both exhibits! 
This exhibit looks so cool! BODIES... The Exhibition gives an informative and in-depth view of all the systems of the bodies by using an innovative preservation process. This exhibit seems to take learning to a whole new level with the specimens that they have on display. Check out a sneak peek below! 

I am really looking forward to Titanic the Experience. Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, but to have actual artifacts from the ship, recreations of the rooms, and actors in period clothing portraying famous passengers and crew members, will definitely give you a fresh perspective. Titanic the Experience even heightens the senses with a chill of a real iceberg to touch and feel! How cool is that?!

Tickets are on pre-sale now! 
Single show price 
Adult: $16.75
Child: $12.75
Combo price (both shows)
Adult: $28.50
Child: $20.50
And now, here is your chance to WIN!!!
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 Disclosure: I will be attending the upcoming media event with provided tickets thanks to Premier Exhibitions, Inc. All opinions are my own.