Let McDonald's help Flip Your Morning

I am a stay at home mom, so I am responsible for every meal that my kids eat. It's not an easy task to feed two very different toddlers, with different tastes and appetites. When my first daughter started eating solids, it was only brown rice cereal and all organic home made baby food. Then a year and a half later my crazy second daughter was born and when it was time for her to eat solids, she wanted no part of my home made organic deliciousness and unfortunately my strict healthy meal planning got lost in the chaos. 

When I was growing up, my dad was very adamant about having a protein (chicken, steak,or pork), starch (rice or potatoes), and vegetable (corn, broccoli, canned green beans) for dinner, with a side of milk. To this day, we still mostly do the same. 

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a blogger breakfast at McDonald's, and I am so glad that I did. I learned so much that day, not just about McDonald's and their new food options, but about a better way to feed my family. Monica Montes RD talked about the proper portions for each food group, and how McDonald's has made it easier for us to eat healthier, if we choose.  When I was growing up, we didn't eat fast food more than once a week, and the rule still applies for my children. Now, having learned the calorie count and food group portions that are present in the happy meal, I feel very comfortable feeding my children McDonald's (which they will be happy about).

McDonald's has introduced a change to the routine with the Egg White Delight McMuffin. At only 250 calories, freshly-cracked egg whites, white cheddar, lean Canadian bacon, and a whole grain muffin, it feels good to eat something that I don't feel guilty about and it's so good! (Add a hashbrown and a small OJ and you are still under 600 cal!) One inspiring idea that I took away from Monica Montes RD was when she said, "It's not where you eat, It's what you eat when you get there." What a great point! Personally, I don't eat out very often, so when I do, I am going for the Big Mac, but for the families that eat out often, just make smart decisions for yourself and your children. 

The New Happy Meal includes 4 piece Chicken McNuggets (Protein 190 cal.), Apple Slices (Fruit 15 cal.), Kids Fries (100 cal.), and Low-Fat Milk (Calcium 100 cal.) for a total of 405 calories. 

We were invited to take a peek at behind the scenes. I had never worked at a fast food restaurant and had my own misconceptions about how it was going to look. To my pleasant surprise, the food was fresh, the people were efficient and of course really busy.  

I also got to try their new Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie. It was really good and just enough sweet and really filling for only 220 calories. 

Now hopefully I made your mouth water a bit, because McDonald's provided me with some coupons to try the Egg White Delight for Free! 
I am giving away 3 on my blog, just leave a comment with your favorite item from the McDOnald's menu and your email address.
I am also giving away 3 to anyone who tweets about the giveaway and on my Facebook. (All winners will be announced on Friday 6/7/13 at 12 p.m.)  Thanks for reading, and go #FlipYourMorning!  

*Disclosure: I was invited to try the new Egg White Delight and am not being paid for this post. I was provided with coupons for this giveaway, however, all opinions about how tasty the food was, are my own.