Summer Fun at Knott's Berry Farm #NewAtKnotts

Disclosure: My family and I were invited by GigaSavvy to a media day at Knott's Berry Farm just so I can share with you all the awesomeness they have going on. All opinions are 100% mine.

Lately, I have been sharing about all the fun that is going on at Knott's Berry Farm and I really hope you get out there soon, real soon, like this Summer. Knott's has added some really exciting shows, music, and a new ride all on top of everything that is already awesome at Knott's. A couple weeks ago I mentioned some of the fun coming up this Summer and now I get to share some more of it with you.

The Ice shows at the Charles M. Shultz theater are amazing! This one is no exception! It is such a fun show to check out. Especially during the Summer when it's hot outside, get inside and cool down for a bit and watch the show. I mean how fun is it to watch Snoopy and friends skating around through Hollywood I mean Snoopywood.  

The new Vertical Impact show is pretty intense and super high energy. The acrobats and their skills are amazing and you totally have to stop and watch. The whole show is set to fun fast music and is something for the whole family. Now, my girls are kinda obsessed with getting a trampoline. 

I can talk about Knott's newest ride Voyage to the Iron Reef all day. I have been telling everyone about it since we got a sneak peek last month. My family love the whole experience, it's fun and interactive and we have so much fun shooting as we go. The friendly family competition is a lot of added fun as we all rack up our points to see who has the highest score. What was your highest score? Keep the family competition going and check out the new laser tag and arcade right below Iron Reef. Seriously, Knott's has you covered! So much family fun!  

I've told you about all the new Summer fun at Knott's but I just had to share with you one of my favorite parts of visiting Knott's. The food of course. You would think I had enough Boysenberry during the Boysenberry Festival earlier this year, but no way. Everyone knows Knott's has the best fried chicken, as you can see my little on completely agrees, but how about that Boysenberry Pie? Next time you are at Knott's, promise me after all the fun, you will stop for some of their famous fried chicken or a slice of their delicious Boysenberry Pie. 

So tell me, have you been to Knott's yet this Summer? A lot of these shows are only available through mid-August.