Hurry! Summer's Almost Over, Don't Miss Ghost Town Alive Before it Says Goodbye!

If you live in Southern California or are visiting Southern California before the Summer's end you have to get out and visit Knott's Berry Farm, there is so much fun going on. Now through September 7 you can celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town with Ghost Town Alive. You can read more about our first time experiencing Ghost Town Alive on my post from earlier in the Summer and keep reading for even more fun. 

This is probably the best way to enter Calico Square, via Calico Railroad of course. It's a great way to get an overview tour of Knott's and it's all part of the fun when the bandits enter your car and hold you up at gunpoint. It's a fun way to get ready for all the fun characters you will experience in Ghost Town Alive.  

Doesn't everyone bring binoculars to Knott's? You might want to try it next time, because we found a lot of cool spots to check out this way. 

Besides the bandits on the train, this guy right here, a bounty hunter was the first Ghost Town Alive character we met. We found him sitting outside the Justice of the Peace and after we chatted for a bit, he asked us if we'd like to play a round of cards. Well, it just so happens that my oldest daughter is a black jack shark. She learned this Summer and played almost every night with her Dad. Needless to say, this bounty hunter was taken by surprise. 

The shooting gallery is always a fun place to stop and play, especially when the whole family can play at the same time. This game and all games around Knott's require the game card to play. 

The Food

On our last visit we got to try out the All Day Dining plan. We loved it. For under $35 you can get an All Day Dining Pass and eat at your choice of 7 restaurants throughout the park, every 90 minutes. The funnel cake shown above was not part of the Dining plan, but it's definitely a must when at Knotts. We had many choices, including chicken tenders and fries, cheese burgers, pizza, tacos, burritos, hot dogs and so much more. If you are going to spend the day at Knott's the meal plan is something worth considering. 

The Hoedown

I love how eventful Ghost Town Alive is this Summer! My girls noticed the banner across Ghost Town letting us know that the Hoedown was going to take place at 5:30 pm. We made sure to be in Calico Town Square on time and got to dance along with all of the Ghost Town Alive characters. It's fun to see everyone have so much fun at the same time. 

Circus of Wonders on the Calico Mine Stage

This show was such a fun way to end our day at Knott's. We always love the shows, whether it's Santa Claus showing up to hang with Snoopy or a crazy stunt show we always leave the shows so impressed. This Summer get ready for the Circus of Wonders show now at the new location of the Calico Mine stage. I mean, when a clown starts by wondering through the crowd and a giant mechanical elephant makes an entrance, you know you are in for fun. 

These acrobats were AWESOME! My daughters watched with their jaws dropped in amazement and I watched both the show and my daughters faces in awe. 

Get out and have some family fun at Knott's before the Summer is over. You definitely don't want to miss all of the Ghost Town Alive fun before it ends on September 7th.