Now Open: Dinosaurs UnExtinct at the LA Zoo

We were invited to preview the exhibit so I can tell everyone about how cool it is. All opinions and images are my own. 

My family loves to visit the Los Angeles Zoo all year long. Whether you're celebrating Chinese New Year at ZOOdiac, Spring Fling, Family Jam, Boo at the Zoo or LA Lights- there is always something fun happening.  From now until October, you are in for an extra special treat, Dinosaurs!! 

The all new Dinosaurs UnExtinct at the LA Zoo is now open and features a ferocious pack of 17 life-size, life-like prehistoric creatures. It's so cool to walk in to a never before used part of the LA Zoo, in fact, as many times as I've been to the Zoo, I've never noticed this area before! 

The Dinos range in heights up to 22 feet, lengths of just over 21 feet and weights topping 6,700 pounds. If you have a Dino lover in the family or would like to research the Dinos before you go, here is a list of the Dinos you can look forward to seeing: Suchomimus, Brachiosaurus, Coelophysis, Citipati, Carnotaurus, Edmontonia, Triceratops, Utahraptor, Dilophosaurus, Diabloceratops and of course Tyrannosaurus. 

The exhibit is self-guided but there are also "Dino experts" along the way that offer fun facts about the particular Dino you may be checking out  at the time. Your kids will also find fun in the Fossil Dig area where they can brush away sand to uncover Dino fossils, make a Dino robot move using controls, and climb and take photos with a friendly Pachyrhinosaurus. 

 The LA Zoo has also made the exhibit interactive by creating a FREE downloadable "Dinosaurs: Unextinct at the L.A. Zoo" app that allows you to animate the Dinos that are in front of you. It even includes fact sheets and a quiz. 

Admission to the Los Angeles Zoo is $20 for general admission (ages 13 to 61); $17 for seniors (ages 62+), and $15 for children (ages 2 to 12), and admission for Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association members is free.  Admission to Dinosaurs: Unextinct at the L.A. Zoo is $5 per person in addition to regular Zoo admission; tickets are available online at and in person inside the Zoo at the Dinosaurs exhibit entry area.  Children under age two are admitted free to the Zoo and to the Dinosaurs exhibit.