Snack Idea: Back to School with Chex™ Party Mix!

I love how inspired I am during Back to School season. I am constantly looking for new lunch and treat combos for the kiddos. One of my favorite things to do is come up with a new Chex™ Mix, I mean the possibilities are pretty much endless. What are your favorite add-ins? If you need a little inspiration, feel free to check out my Back to School Chex™ Party Mix.

There's something for everyone with this Chex™ Mix. First of all Honey Chex are a must to start off, they're my favorite. To add a little salt, I added Goldfish Crackers and Salted Almonds, then Craisins for some tart and Chocolate Teddy Bears for a little extra sweetness. 

Just like that the kids have a great mix for a lunch side or snack. A handful of this Chex™ Mix won't weigh them down, and it will keep their taste buds alert.