5 Ways To Snack Better For You #SnackHonestly


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And just like that, the kids are back in school and Fall weather has kicked in. Time sure does fly when you're having fun and your schedules are jam packed with activities, am I right? There were a few changes that were pretty noticeable once my girls were back in school. For one, I noticed how quiet my house is while they're at school. Sure, I miss those lazy Summer mornings when we hung around in our PJs watching movies, but now that they're back in school, I am getting so much more done. Also, now that they're at school for breakfast and lunch, our grocery bill has gone down now that they eat breakfast and lunch at school.

For the first few days when they were back at school, I noticed I was falling into bad habits of eating their snacks and finding reasons to stop and eat while running errands. Heading into the holidays I knew I didn't want to form those bad habits, so I made a decision to pick some snacks that were better for me and have them on hand at all times. 

Last year I was introduced to Lorissa's Kitchen when I made this delicious meat and cheese platter and it has been my favorite go-to snack ever since. It is what I reach for when I'm out shopping at Walmart. If you're like me, you're always up for a good deal. So lucky for you, today I'm sharing a good one. You can earn $1.00 cash back when you purchase the following combo, exclusive at Walmart.

  • Lorissa's Kitchen™ Premium Protein Snacks - Any variety - 2.25 oz. bag
  • Honest Tea® - Any variety - Single bottle only

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Here are my 5 ways to Snack better for you. 

1. Look at what you're choosing to snack on.

Honest Tea® is "Just a Tad Sweet" and pairs perfectly with Lorissa’s Kitchen delicious, premium protein with 100% grass-fed beef and responsibly raised pork. I love when I can feel better about the snacks I choose. 

2. It's okay to snack in the car

I find that now that the girls are back in school, I spend so much more time in the car. Whether it's me running errands, taking them to events or sitting in the school pick-up line. I have been in the car a whole lot more lately. So when I pick up my snacks, I make sure to leave a couple bags of Lorissa's Kitchen in the car. This way it will be easier to pass that drive thru for a "quick snack."


3. When you Snack Better, they will too.

A big reason I try to snack better for me, is so my kids will see that they can snack better for themselves too. Better for me is better for them, because when I eat better, I have more energy. This way, not only will I not mind taking them to the park, but I want to play with them. I love having the energy to show them up at jump rope, because I've been jumping rope and hop scotching since before they were born. 


4. Better snacks for homework time

There's something about after school/homework time that requires snacks. This is the time of day when I notice my energy drop. For myself, I have been working all day at home at my desk and now the kids are home and full of energy and needing to focus on homework. The best thing you can do is let your kids see you reach for snacks that are better for you. These are the types of habits that will stick with them as they grow up. 


5. Being home is not an excuse

I work from home and sit at my desk for many hours every day. When I'm home and I wander to the kitchen for a snack, it is easy to reach for the leftovers from last night or whip up something that is probably more indulgent than necessary. If you stay stocked up on better for you snacks, you won't have any excuse. Especially when they are easy enough to grab and take back to your desk. 


I hope these tips help you the way they've helped me. It's really all about making better choices and planning ahead to have them on hand at all times. This way you can't make any excuses.

Don't forget about this awesome offer: You can earn $1.00 cash back when you purchase Lorissa's Kitchen™ Premium Protein Snacks - Any variety - 2.25 oz. bag and Honest Tea® - Any variety - Single bottle only, exclusive at Walmart.