Shopping at ALDI this Holiday Season! #PrimeroALDI

This holiday season I have partnered with ALDI to share with you all of the greatness that ALDI has to offer. All opinions and photos are my own. #PrimeroALDI #AD


If you're a mom, then you know how much grocery shopping is a part of your life. Sometimes it seems like I'm at the grocery store every single day of the week, sometimes I find myself even visiting more than one grocery store to find everything I need. Sometimes a trip to the grocery store can be a welcomed break from the kids and sometimes a trip with the kids can seem like you can now add animal wrangler to your resume. Whatever the situation is, grocery shopping is necessary and I am so thankful that we have a brand new ALDI in our neighborhood to make my life easier.


What I've noticed is that during the holidays not only am I budgeting for Christmas presents I also have to budget for all of the extra groceries I have to buy. From family parties to just-for-fun baking with the kids, my grocery bill definitely doubles during the holidays.

I have found the solution to all of my problems with the brand new opening of ALDI in Upland. ALDI supermarkets are popping up everywhere in Southern California, have you seen one in your neighborhood? You can find the ALDI closest to you right here.


If you’re anything like me, you need to see it for yourself. ALDI supermarkets offer the best quality foods at the lowest possible prices, with exclusive brands that are as good, or even better, than the best known brands in the market. As I was walking through the aisles, there were two things that stood out to me. One, is the prices, everything I grabbed was significantly less than what I usually pay. Two, the freshness of the produce. Fresh produce is very important to me and ALDI does not disappoint. In fact, they make a point to get their fruits and veggies from local farms so that they have less travel time.


I will definitely be shopping ALDI first to make sure I get the most savings as possible. Getting to know their exclusive brands is going to be a goal of mine. And you know the best part? No coupons necessary. To be perfectly honest, I clip coupons and always forget to bring them with me to the store. So I'm glad ALDI has already low prices.

As a Mom there are so many things to think about, all the time. One of the things that crosses my mind is the quality of the food. It’s good to know that ALDI supermarkets’ top priority is the well-being of the communities they serve. That's why no products of their exclusive ALDI brands contain artificial colors, or have any added MSG nor do they contain added trans-fats which are still found in so many products out there.


ALDI is definitely helping Latino families bring top quality groceries at low prices, every day, including organic products. ALDI features the absolute best prices in California, without the need for a Club membership, buying bulk packaging, or coupons.

Check out my Facebook live shopping trip with ALDI spokesperson Hilda Gabriela below.

If you haven’t visited an ALDI store yet, there’s no better time than now, just in time for the holidays. Take some worry and stress off of yourself and head to ALDI for fresh items at a low price. You’ll thank me later.