Ring in the Holidays at Knott's #MerryFarm

Knott's Merry Farm season has begun and it has officially bought the holidays to Southern California! This season is all about spending time with the people you love and cherishing the memories, what better place to do that than Knott's Merry Farm? There is so much to see and do for the whole family. Keep reading to hear about the fun you can look forward to. 

The entire park is decorated beautifully for the holidays and it only get's better at night when all the lights come on and everything glows.  I love to find all of the cool ways that the park transforms into Merry Farm.  Keep an eye out while in Camp Snoopy, you can see how they transformed Lucy's 'Psychiatric Help' booth into a 'Mistletoe Testing' kissing booth and of course, Snoopy's house is covered in snow. 

A definite must when visiting Knott's Merry Farm is the 'Merry Christmas, Snoopy!' Ice Show at the Charles M. Schulz Theater. Not only is it super fun to watch Snoopy skate and dance around,  but all of the Christmas songs and stories the skaters tell will touch your heart and put you in the holiday spirit. 

Although I enjoy all of the ice show, here are my three favorite parts.

  • Snoopy does a mean Single Lady dance! 
  • I cry every time I see the "I'll be home for Christmas" act.
  • I get the chills when Linus comes out and gives his famous Christmas speech. 

Of course, I can't forget about the snowfall during the show. One of my favorite moments from Knott's Merry Farm, is looking over at my daughter's faces as they look up to catch the snow. 

There are a lot of Santa's around during the holidays, but my favorite can only be found at Knott's Merry Farm's Santa's Christmas Cabin. For the past two years, my girls have looked forward to telling Santa in person, what they want most for Christmas.  


As you can tell from the photos, Santa not only takes the time to ask each child what they want for Christmas, but he also tells them to be on their best behavior so they can make sure to be on the Nice list. 

After having their photo taken with Santa, we were ready to enjoy some warm delicious holiday treats. While in Santa's Christmas Cabin you will find hot chocolate, cookies and milk or eggnog, chocolate dipped desserts, and yes, that big yummy Snoopy cookie! Both cute and delicious! 

I was so happy to finally take a ride on the classic Christmas on Engine 41. The steam engine train that runs throughout all of Knott's Berry Farm  is 143 years old and as we sat in an open air car in the back, we were greeted by some very entertaining bandits. After saying he was seeing double when looking at my daughters in their matching dresses, one of the bandits offered his pistol to my husband, saying he'll be sure to need it. Haha! 

Everything glows so beautifully at night while on the Engine 41 tour of Knott's. 

We were all so excited to head over to Calico town square to be there for Snoopy's Merriest Tree Lighting ceremony. The show is about 10 minutes of dancing and story telling with Mrs. Claus, a couple of elves, Snoopy's very grand entrance and the Peanuts gang of course.  The crowd cheers when Santa Claus himself shows up and brings a family on to the stage to help switch the lights on. 

After the countdown, the Christmas tree lights up and snow begins to fall over everyone in the town square. You can also find snow fall throughout Ghost Town and glowing snowflakes on all of the buildings. I just love all of the holiday magic that surrounds everyone at Knott's Merry Farm. After our visit and all of the memories that were made, I feel full of the holiday spirit. 

You have from now until January 3rd to experience and create your own memories at Knott's Merry Farm. You can purchase your 2016 Season Passes here for a great low price that includes one visit that you can use this year, for Merry Farm or Knott's NYE! 

What are you waiting for? Get out and make those memories with your family too. Happy Holidays!