Refresh Your Summer Bucket List #RefrescaTuSummer

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There's no denying it. Summer is here, are you ready? We don't have any big plans this Summer, no traveling for us. But I'm sure we'll find some fun stuff to keep us occupied. In fact, after talking it over with my girls, we've come up with our very own Summer Bucket List (find the Pinnable/Printable one below). The one thing my girls always talk about is having a Lemonade stand, but we're not going to have just any lemonade stand, we've got to add our very own twist.  Check out what we did using Minute Maid® Fruit Punch and cantaloupe. 

Okay, so I must give credit where credit is due. My grandpa, mi abuelo, made the best liquados ever. Although my grandpa is no longer with us, I'm so glad that we still carry on his tradition of the licuados. Every time I start chopping a cantaloupe, I think of him and every time I hand my daughters a nice cold glass of melon licuado to drink on a hot day, I think of him too. 

For those of you who don't know what a licuado is, it's basically chopped fruit blended to make a juice. Mi abuelo always added ice and sugar. I tried something different and it was really refreshing. 

But of course, I have to add my own twist. My grandpa always used to add sugar to make it sweeter, but this time I tried something different. I decided to add flavor and color using Minute Maid® Fruit Punch. I picked up a 12 pack of Minute Maid® Fruit Punch while out shopping at Walmart the other day. Perfect for a Drink and Snack stand. 

I love how quickly the idea of a Lemonade Stand just took off into a whole other direction. Once I decided to make a licuado instead of Lemonade, the wheels started turning and I added Minute Maid® Fruit Punch, my girls picked out the mini Lemon cupcakes and made the sign and my husband sliced the fruit. Just like that, the whole family is involved. 

Ah, so refreshing and different. Here's what you need to host your own Drink and Snack stand. 

  • Drinks. We used Minute Maid® Fruit Punch and Cantaloupe, but you can use Minute Maid® Lemonade too.
  • Snacks. I prefer to use something sweet like cookies or cupcakes and have fruit as an option too. Sliced fruit is so refreshing on hot days. 
  • Sign. Have the kiddos make a sign to post or to help flag down people passing by. 
  • Table. A table with a cute tablecloth and a vase of flowers goes a really long way. If you noticed, my girls added their gnome to the table too. 

Refresh the Way You Flavor Your Day- Walmart always has the best prices for our Summer needs. 

Ready to print out your Summer Bucket List. Find it right here, go ahead, just PIN for later, or right click, save and print. How fun would this be, hanging on the refrigerator. A nice reminder of the fun and easy things you can all do as a family this Summer. 

Okay, so what will you do first? Besides the Lemonade, ahem Drink and Snack stand?

 Not all fruits depicted are present in each product. Juice percentage varies.