Recreate a Delicious Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner- at home!

In honor of this year's Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival I received this lovely gift basket full of Boysenberry Berry Market goodies. I received my very own personalized Knott's apron, Boysenberry Punch syrup, Boysenberry BBQ Sauce, Boysenberry Butter and Boysenberry Preserves, Biscuit mix, Fried Chicken seasoning and Potato salad mix. 

If you've been following along with me on Instagram and Twitter then you watched as I got a preview of all of the Boysenberry goodness a few weeks before the festival began. I also got to take my family to Knott's on opening day of the Boysenberry Festival so they can try all the goodies too. Knott's Boysenberry Festival is going on now through April 23rd, so you still have time. Check out our video at the bottom of the page for even more of what you can look forward to. 

With this awesome package and all of the Boysenberry deliciousness I've been devouring lately, I couldn't help but want to whip up a feast of my own. A feast, starring none other than Knott's Berry Farm Berry Market goodies. 

Living less than 20 miles away from Knott's Berry Farm has its perks. I mean, if we are ever in the mood for the best Fried Chicken, we can head over to Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. I have to admit, I never once thought of making it myself. As I looked through my gifts, I saw the Fried Chicken Seasonings and Potato Salad Seasonings and just knew I had to try. 

The Potato Salad Seasoning has it's suggested ingredients on the back, but really the seasoning packet is what gives it the familiar flavor. Here's what I used:

  • Potato Salad Seasoning
  • Green Onion (a bunch diced)
  • Red Onion (1/2 cup)
  • 6 Small Potatoes (cubed/boiled)
  • 6 Hard Boiled Eggs (Cubed)
  • 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Once the potatoes and eggs are cooked and chopped, set them aside and mix the seasoning packet with the mayonnaise. Once that is prepared, you can mix it all together and refrigerate until ready to serve. 

The Fried Chicken Seasoning was the same, it had suggested cooking instructions on the back, which are very easy to follow. All that is needed is to mix the seasoning with some flour and to soak the chicken in milk before covering with flour and frying. Simple instructions, but the flavor is delicious!

Of course, we had to make some Knott's Biscuits. What else would we but our Boysenberry Butter and Boysenberry Preserves on? 

This Knott's inspired and flavorful feast was such a treat for a Monday night. Next time you are near Buena Park, stop into the Berry Market and pick up some flavorful ingredients. (You can also order online.) The Seasoning packets turn a regular meal into something so much more. Oh, and don't forget the Boysenberry Punch, a meal like this can only be topped off with a cold glass of Boysenberry Punch.

Knott's Boysenberry Festival is going on now through April 23rd. Check out the video below to see what Boysenberry goodies you can find there. 

What's your favorite Boysenberry treat?