Queen Mary's Dark Harbor- Get the Ship Scared Out of You!


Okay, if you're not following my InstaStories over on Instagram, you are totally and completely missing out on all of my fun daily updates. If you were following my InstaStories, then you would know just how completely excited and nervous I was to attend the opening night of the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. I was invited and said yes, and then was completely freaked out all the way up until walking through the welcome gate. This was my first time doing any fright night type of event in almost 20 years and I have to say... I had so much fun! 


Would you like to know what I was thinking as I walking through the entry gates? As the Captain and that other creepy guy looked down upon us, all I could think was, "What the hell was I thinking?" and "Can I turn back?" and "Where can I get a drink?" Honestly, I was really excited and completely freaked out.

Dark Harbor, Southern California’s most authentically terrifying haunt, returns to the Queen Mary on select nights Sept. 28 – Nov. 1 with MORE monsters, MORE nights, and MORE mazes than ever before. All-new maze, FEAST, and Dark Harbor’s newest resident spirit, Chef, will make their horrific debuts along with the return of the infamous spirits of Iron Master, Captain, Samuel the Savage, Graceful Gale, Half-Hatch Henry, Scary Mary, Voodoo Priestess, Ringmaster, and hundreds of their bloodcurdling henchmen.

The monsters were incredibly scary and really convincing. These guys and girls totally commit and I think find a real sense of joy in scaring the crap out of everyone. 


Okay, I have to tell you what my favorite part of Dark Harbor was. It's just this awesome place called The Meat Locker. I thought it was a maze, but oh boy was I mistaken. No no, it is a vodka tasting bar! Yes. For 20 minutes you can hang out in the cold 7 degrees and taste the vodkas. This one right here, is a must visit. 


Those 5 tiny shots may not look like much, but the experience is worth it and tons of fun, and well vodka! 


Tip: Don't pass up the scary ladies that walk around with a glowing tray carrying these yummy shots.


Oh and keep an eye out for the entertainment. There are some really talented performers on stage all night long. Fire handlers, sword swallowers, comedians, singers and aerial acrobats. They're all really creepy looking and impressive at the same time. 


Okay, the mazes! I hit up a couple of the mazes and screamed my head off the entire time. I knew that monsters would jump out at me, but no amount of mental preparation, would keep me from being scared shipless. (I am finding the scared shipless thing really funny, can you tell?) However, after the fact, thinking back to the mazes, even though they're kind of a blur as I kind of ran through them. All of the details put into them were so so impressive. There is so much thought put into it all. 

Here is a little breakdown of the mazes:

  • FEAST Maze: the 4th maze on board the ship, for a terrifying journey into the legend of Chef.
  • INTREPID: Meet the mastermind, the creator and now the protector of the Queen Mary, Iron Master.
  • CIRCUS: Step right up as the Ringmaster startles with disorienting illusions, maniacal magic acts, and a cadre of sideshow freaks.
  • DEADRISE: Captain and the dark vessel’s crew have risen from the deep for a battle against the living.
  • SOULMATE: Escape the gloves of Graceful Gale as she feverishly searches for her eternal mate.
  • B340: Descend into the insidious mind of Samuel the Savage to face his worst nightmares.
  • LULLABY: Hush Hush don’t cry; Scary Mary is just looking for her next playmate.

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor runs now through November 1st.

General admission tickets start at just $24 online. Fast Fright, VIP and the Ultimate Scream Experience are available.

Oh and before you head out to beautiful Long Beach, check the parking info here