Keep Your Drinks Cool with the NewAir 96 Can Beverage Cooler

This post has been sponsored by NewAir. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

The holidays are here! Are you hosting any holiday parties? It seems like lately all we have are parties and gatherings one after another. Today I'm going to tell you about this awesome new beverage cooler that would make a great addition to any home. The NewAir 96 can Beverage Cooler is pretty awesome and although this might sound silly, it's really pretty too. 

Check out the LED lights! I love the look of it, it's compact but fits just enough. Think about how handy it would be to be able to have all of the beverages out of the main fridge and make room for the big platters and dishes. For us, we usually have all of the drinks outside, in a travel cooler, in a bath of ice. How many times have you second guessed dipping your hand into that freezing ice water to find your drink of choice? With this Newair ABR-960 96 Can Compressor Beverage Cooler you wont even have to think twice about dipping your hand into ice cold water. 

See, I made a shelf handy just for the kids filled with some handy snacks at the perfect temperature. 

The Newair ABR-960 96 Can Beverage Cooler can hold up to 96 cans of soda or beer or 58 bottles. That's a lot! Especially considering it's only 34 inches tall and 15 inches wide by 23 inches deep, so it pretty much fits anywhere. 

I love how much I can fit in here, especially with all the varying sizes of different beverages. Check out the variety above! Oh and another super cool feature is the lock and key. Yup! If you have sneaky kids that might be grabbing more than one juice box when you're not looking, you can totally lock it up at night. *Evil laughs*

You can find the NewAir ABR-960 Compact 96 Can Built In Beverage Cooler here on their site or on Amazon