Celebrating Dia de los Muertos with Nestlé

Where is November going? It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating Dia de los Muertos with Nestlé. I spent the morning getting my face painted, learning about the traditions behind the celebration and sampling some fun recipes that Nestlé has come up with using the traditional Abuelita chocolate.  I'm just glad the weather has finally started cooling down as we get ready to bring in the holidays, which means I have more reason to enjoy my Abuelita chocolate and pan dulce more often.

I make chocolate dipped pretzels a few times a year for holidays and birthday parties and I'm ashamed to say I had never thought of using Abuelita chocolate before. I sampled these at the event and they were delicious, definitely something new to try. 

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican cultural celebration that I've known about my whole life, but never really celebrated. I don't know why my family never celebrated, but over the past few years it has become more well known. Now that my girls are getting older and can understand the tradition a bit more, I think we will build our own altar next year. 

These cookies are another recipe that I tasted during the Nestlé Abuelita event. The cookies were made using NESCAFÉ® Café de Olla (my new favorite coffee). I buy the traditional NESCAFÉ® coffee all the time, and I thought the orange top and label was decaf, so I stayed away. Now, I know the orange top is NESCAFÉ® Café de Olla. The cinnamon flavor is perfect for these cold mornings and the cookie was a perfect mix of cake, chocolate and cinnamon. 

TIP: A fun way to decorate your own sugar skull cookies for Dia de los Muertos is with Nestle candies. We used all types of Sweet Tarts, Spree's, and Nerds to make these. 

With the holidays fast approaching, make sure to keep some traditional Abuelita chocolate on hand, I remember always having some in the cupboards when I was growing up. Abuelita has always been around for those cold nights when a nice cup of rich hot chocolate is just what you need. I love that I get to share the yummy tradition of Abuelita con pan dulce with my daughters, something that has been passed on throughout the past generations. That's the way to keep culture alive, passing on and maintaining the traditions. 

You can find more delicious recipes just in time for the holidays over at El Mejor Nido. Enjoy!