Such a Great Time at the Marvel Universe Live! Show!

FYI: I was provided tickets for me and my family to attend the show in return for promotion and review. As always, all opinions are my own. 
We had such a great time at the Marvel Universe LIVE! show last night at The Forum. I think my husband and I may have enjoyed it a little bit more than my girls, but they still have a lot to learn about Superheroes. Their favorite, along with everyone else is Iron Man and The HULK and if you ask my daughters they will say Black Widow and Captain Marvel. They were so excited to see female super heroes fighting right alongside the big guys. 
The show is amazing from the very beginning. It begins with a bang and a flash and a superhero and just keeps getting better from there. In fact, from the moment the first villain appears the crowd gets involved boo'ing away and letting him know that we are rooting for the good guys. 
My favorite has to be all of the dialogue between the characters. They do a great job at capturing and portraying all of their personalities the way that we know them. We hear all of the arrogance of Iron Man, the sarcasm of Spider Man and the anger of Wolverine as they interact with each other. It's really funny and has the audience laughing the whole time. 
Just wait to hear the crowd go wild when The HULK finally appears. The HULK is our favorite as you can tell from this post. We really own the HULK family identity. 
Those were my favorite parts of the show what is your favorite? Have you seen it yet? Marvel Universe Live! is at The Forum from May 1-3, so go get your tickets (and enter code CITY for 30% off at