The Never Ending "Joys" of Motherhood

Motherhood is a tricky tricky thing. It's a never ending job, it's the sort of job that you can never be prepared for. Even when you start to feel like you've got things under control, you will be hit with something completely out of left field. I was just getting over a bout of tonsillitis that managed to ruin my kid-free Spring Break and was finally settling back into the routine. I chaperoned the kindergarten Zoo field trip and the very next day at pick up, I get handed the dreaded letter. You know the one. The "your kid has LICE!!!" letter. 
Oh man, I knew this day would come, but I definitely wasn't prepared for it. I had lice when I was a kid, I got it from my sister, and I know it happens to everyone at one point, in fact, if you escaped childhood without getting lice, you are lucky. We immediately went on a hunt for the medicated shampoos and special combs and went to work on the little buggers. I really wanted to make it clear that I'm not ashamed that my daughters had lice. Getting lice doesn't mean we're dirty people, honestly, I think I am tracing it back to a movie theater. 
So, for #NationalSiblingDay this year I posted a picture of my beautiful daughters, donning their shower caps over olive oil soaked heads with the caption, "Sisters that get Lice together, stick together? #NationalSiblingDay." Although my 6 year old asked me not to put it on Facebook, she doesn't really know what that means yet, so I shared it. Was it weird that I wanted people to know I wasn't ashamed of this? Maybe. I actually received a lot of support from friends and family about their experiences with lice and was let in on the fact that there are services and salons out there that you can take your kids to and pay for lice removal. I went pretty old school on this one. I used the medicated shampoos, washed all of their bedding, then went for the olive oil treatment and hand removal of the little creeps. I tell you, I totally get why people pay for the help because this has been such a long few days. I'm just hoping my daughters will forget the torture that their hair has gone through because, I know I had lice as a kid, but I don't actually remember the awful experience. 

So tell me: Have you or your kiddos ever had lice? How did you deal?