Treat Yourself, Spa Week is here!

Disclosure: I was provided with my very own 60 minute massage in exchange for spreading the word about Spa Week. However, as always all opinions are my own. 
Sometimes, being a Mom can mean always putting yourself on the back burner, especially if you're a Mom on a budget. The minute I think I have a little spare cash that I hope to use on a much needed pedicure or a new outfit, something will inevitably come up. Suddenly one of them will need new shoes, or treats for the class, or something unbreakable will break and need to be replaced. Am I right?
I can't believe that I had never had a massage before this week. Honestly, I am not big fan of being touched, I don't even really like when people hug me. I know, I'm weird. Whatever. So anyway, my discomfort with being touched was no match for the fact that I am a stressed out Mom who desperately needed an hour of relaxation.
I can't believe I waited this long until having my first massage, but I am so glad that thanks to Spa Week, I found Spa Xanadu. I have driven past Spa Xanadu, located in Arcadia, CA, so many times before and I am glad to say I finally went in and had the most relaxing 60 minute transdermal magnesium massage from Amanda. She made me feel so comfortable and the whole experience was definitely something I'm going to need to do again. Spa Week is taking place April 13-19th nationally and participating spas are offering 2-3 different treatments for a $50 deal.
I know it seems almost impossible to find the time to get away for a massage, but as a Super Mom who does it all, you really deserve it. I managed to squeeze in my massage after picking up my little one from preschool, dropping her off with my mom, dropping off my taxes, and picking up my older daughter from kindergarten. My point is, a 60 minute massage is completely do-able and you deserve to fit it in your schedule. Sometimes we just have to do something for ourselves, so take advantage of the great deals during Spa Week and reward yourself.