Flashback: 13 Years Ago

13 Years ago...

It was 5:30 pm on a Friday evening and I was a nervous wreck, understandably so, I mean it was my first real date. He was coming to pick me up, in his truck (that he loved so much) and we were going... somewhere. We never really settled on where exactly we'd go on this date.

I was glad the week was over, because for a high school Senior my plate was full. Waking early for the preschool program where I was a student teacher, we had gone on a fieldtrip to the LA Zoo earlier in the week, which was fun but exhausting. On top of being a Senior with a full class schedule, I was also Editor in Chief of the school newspaper, Class Historian and I also worked part time after school at a furniture factory down the street from my house.
I thought all of that was a good reason to explain why when Mark showed up almost 2 hours late, I was asleep. Yup, I was 17 years old and knocked out at 7pm on a Friday night. In his defense, he drove 60 miles from his house and took the wrong freeway, which in Los Angeles means a 2 hour delay is inevitable.

My mom woke me up saying, "Hey Boo Boo (yes, Boo Boo) I think your date is here." I jumped up, ran a finger under my eyes to wipe away my smudged sleepy makeup and ran to the door, after all I have been waiting to meet this guy for months now.
Did I not mention that this was our first time meeting and our first date? Okay, well flash back 13 Years and 3 months to a boring night while on Christmas vacation and I wandered onto some random AOL chat room as CStar09. I chatted with this Kindasilly guy for hours that night and forced him to take my phone number and call me a few days later. We talked on the phone for countless hours over the next few months until I basically gave him the ultimatum of either coming to meet me or I was moving on. I get it though, he was nervous to meet me, so was I. I couldn't explain why I felt so strongly about this guy. Maybe it was the fact that he sang and played guitar for me over the phone on the second day we spoke. Now I know God was pushing us together for a reason.

Anyway back to the date.

When I opened the door, he looked scared to death. My first words to him were, "Hi..  are you okay?" I was a very confident 17 year old girl and he was a very nervous 18 year old guy. We silently walked to his prized truck and sat there for a moment. I remember that particular moment like it was yesterday, the intoxicating scent was a mixture of his (very expensive) cologne and a yellow vanilla scented tree.

After a silent few minutes, I decided to direct him towards Old town Pasadena, because that's where everyone went on real dates. We listened to music, didn't talk much, and ended up sitting at Ruby's Diner where we ordered and shared french fries, a lemonade for me and a root beer for him. We made some small talk, but mostly we sat there in awkward silence.  It was like all of the hours of conversations we had over the last few months still didn't prepare us for what this was going to be like. On the drive home we listened to Blink 182, one of his favorite bands at the time. I remember laughing to myself while listening to the lyrics of First Date as they described our exact situation.
When we pulled up to the front of my house that night, I leaned over and kissed my future husband. We kissed for a few minutes before he walked me to my door and we said goodbye. That night I waited an hour for him to get home and call me. I couldn't wait to hear what he thought about our first date. I was in love right away, and not just teenager love, I knew. I knew we were meant to be together forever.  13 Years later, that first date seems like a lifetime ago, it is. We are such different people now, but 13 Years later, I still know.