SoFabU On The Road- Coming to A City Near You!

My journey as a blogger is an ever evolving creative process. I hate to say that blogging is my job because it makes it sound less fun than it really is, but yes, I am happy to report that blogging has now become my source of income. To be clear, I am not rolling in the dough, but I have gone from having zero income to becoming a financially contributing member of my household. I would not be in this position if it weren't for blogging conferences. Blogging conferences are a big part of growing and evolving as a blogger and today I am going to share with you about the SoFabU On The Road conference. 
One thing I love about blogging is that for the most part I get to work on my own. There are some people who love working side by side others, and then there are people, like me, who prefer to work alone. I think this may be why I value conferences so much, they allow me the opportunity to meet new people and connect with people in person who I usually only communicate with online. The moment you get serious about blogging you start to get little tips and tricks here and there on how to improve yourself, one of the most intimidating yet very important blogging tip is to invest in conferences. 
Conferences can be very expensive, especially when they require you to hop on a plane and stay overnight somewhere, and although I hope one day I can find it in my budget to do that, for now I have to stay local. Which is what is amazing about SoFabU On The Road, they are bringing the conferences to you in an 11 city nationwide tour. If you are a blogger, you know that Collective Bias is an amazing group to work with and I am proud to call myself a member of their network of bloggers, Social Fabric. 
When you check the agenda for any conference you will hopefully be very excited by the speakers, panels, and brands that will be in attendance. In this case, the first stop on SoFabU On The Road was Los Angeles, at Speedzone in the City of Industry, with amazing sponsors like Johnny Rockets and speakers, like Alea Milham. As a blogger, listening to Alea speak while taking notes hoping to retain every word that floats out of her brain can be a highlight of someones year, or change their business in a way they didn't even think was possible. This is why a conference like SoFabU On The Road is invaluable.
Now let me tell you why SoFabU On The Road is unique. Since it is a local conference, you will see some familiar faces, and the room isn't big and intimidating, the setting is much more friendly and personal. Also, having Johnny Rockets as a sponsor can help make any day long conference much more enjoyable. On this day, we enjoyed our lunch and heard from the panel of brands while they gave us feedback on what they expect from a blogger-brand relationship and the importance of social media influence. I am still going through my notes from the conference trying to take advantage of all of the information gifted to me. Hopefully, you will be seeing more and more positive changes here.
If you live near one of these cities: Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, Cincinnati, Dallas, New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, or Bentonville, I strongly recommend registering for SoFabU On The Road. Check it out, sign up for the newsletter and see what fun stuff they have in store for you in your area.

Is SoFabU On The Road coming to a city near you?