So Much Fun Celebrating Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary #HelloKittyCon

I had an amazing night out celebrating Hello Kitty's 40th birthday at the first Hello Kitty Convention at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl. Hello Kitty was special and not as easy to acquire back then, since there were only select stores that carried Sanrio or Hello Kitty. I remember feeling special when my Nina would bring me a pen or a notebook. 
Now, Hello Kitty is everywhere and loved by everyone. My girls love Hello Kitty and luckily for them they can find fun Hello Kitty items at their favorite store, Target. Target has been partners with Hello Kitty for more than 15 years and will be releasing limited edition 40th anniversary clothes, toys and my favorite, stationary. So, keep an eye out! I had such a fun time playing in the arcade sponsored by Target at #HelloKittyCon, I even got my fortune told from Hello Kitty herself. 
Here are some of the books devoted to Hello Kitty. You can find a how to on everything for Hello Kitty, including nail art, baking and crochet. Feel free to check out my DIY Hello Kitty headband tutorial and Hello Kitty Nerd Party
Okay, I could never say that I am a fashionable person or even know much about fashion. Unfortunately, my budget only allows for me to buy and wear what fits me and my budget. But the Hello Kitty fashion that was on display at #HelloKittyCon was stunning and fun and amazing works of art. You can really see the designers love for Hello Kitty in all of the creations on display. 
I tried really hard not to spend too much money on this night, because, it would be way to easy to buy everything. What I did buy and didn't want to leave without was a stationary pack from the year I was born, just a fun little keepsake for me. I was so close to getting a more permanent keepsake in the form of a Hello Kitty tattoo, I stood there staring at the array of options for a few minutes too long and by the time I went to put my name on the list, it was filled up for the evening. I was a little dissapoined about that, but still had such an amazing evening. 

Tickets to the convention sold out so fast, so don't be bummed if you couldn't make it. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely check out the exhibit 'Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty' at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM). The exhibit opened October 11th and will be open for viewing through April 26, 2015. Here you will be able to learn different facts about Hello Kitty, see rare pieces from Sanrio's archives and see first hand the influence Hello Kitty has had on this generation.