Make Family Moments Even More Special with help from Don Roberto Jewelers

Disclosure: I was provided a gift card to shop at Don Roberto Jewelers and share about my experience. As always, all opinions are my own. 

I have to admit something. Ever since I had kids, I stopped wearing jewelry. I even forget to wear my wedding rings most days because I just feel like it's added responsibility and I am terrified of losing them. But now that my girls are growing up and not hanging all over me, I can start to wear jewelry again. So, I was super excited to attend the opening of the new Don Roberto Jewelers in Huntington Park, CA. Keep reading to see the beautiful jewelry I spotted during my visit. 
One of the first things I spotted and fell in love with was the line of jewelry for a birthday princess or a quinceniera. I didn't have a quinceniera, but a bunch of my friends did and I was a little jealous. I would've been a whole lot more jealous if they got one of these beautiful rings and I didn't. Not only do I love the crown rings, I want one for Christmas (hint hint). It would be a super special birthday gift for your daughter's special day. 
Here is a close up of one of the crown rings. So pretty!
Do you have pierced ears? or thinking about getting your daughter's ears pierced? Don Roberto has got it covered, with a professional on staff. They offer a huge selection of earrings for piercing and when you buy the earrings, the piercing is free!
Ooh the Hello Kitty! I love Hello Kitty, I have since I was a little girl. I love that they figured out a way to bring Hello Kitty to adulthood. This charm necklace would work for your daughter or your wife, sister, or Mom. Cute and classy! 
Don Roberto has such a great variety available and makes it customer friendly by offering their Easy Pay credit line. 
Don Roberto Jewelers was founded in 1972 by Robert Trette, catering to each and every customer since they started. They believe in “Helping Others Get What They Want” and that’s the driving force behind all the hard working employees as well as their strong family values. 
Don Roberto is a family friendly store that you can go back and visit throughout the years. From your baby's first earrings to buying their class ring for Senior year, Don Roberto will be there for all of the special occasions in between. They also have a really beautiful selection of religious jewelry too, perfect for a 1st Holy Communion or a dedication. 
There are also such classic pieces like the bracelet pictured above, that would be a perfect gift for any occasion or just because. Also, while your shopping, ask to have your jewelry cleaned, because the associates at Don Roberto's will do that for you. Nice right?
Oh! and if you wondered what I bought while shopping at Don Roberto, take a look at my new Hello Kitty watch! I went in thinking I would buy earrings for my daughters, but then I thought, "Hey, when do I ever buy myself something this nice?" I was sold! and I love my new Hello Kitty watch, thanks Don Roberto!

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