Celebrate Septem-bear! It's Snuggles 30th Birthday

Disclosure: I received some product from Snuggle and my very own bear in return for this post, however, all opinions are my own.

I am not the only one who turned 30 this year. The loveable and cuddly Snuggle bear is celebrating the big 3-0 this year as well! I have LOVED Snuggle since I was a very young. I had a Snuggle bear when I was a baby that I called my "ungh" (Original right?) I loved it with all of the love a 2 year old could. Until the day I lost it. As the story goes, I lost it one day as I was being pushed in the stroller on my way to pick up my older sister from school. They tried to replace my Ungh, but it never was the same. 
Every time a Snuggle commercial would come on over the last 20 something years, I would feel a little sadness in the pit of my stomach. That longing for my Ungh, my Snuggle bear. Actually, when my husband and I were dating I told him my sad tale of my lost bear and he confessed a very similar love for Snuggle. Just like me, he said that when he was a baby, his Mom would yell to him every time the Snuggle commercial would come on the t.v and he would come running across the house in his little onesie. How were we not meant to be? 
I no longer have that sadness. At 30 years old, we are reunited... and it feels so good! 
Since being created in the early 1980’s, from the imagination of the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Snuggle Bear has become a beloved part of the pop culture landscape. He’s now been featured in everything from 1980’s cultural compilations to hit television shows to modern-day user-generated social media memes. 
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