My Favorite Teacher #QuakerUp

Not only am I a Mom to two little ones heading to school this year, but I am also a teacher at heart. In high school I was in a program called Careers with Children, where we were able to experience running a community preschool. The head teacher of that program was Leila Tong-Lee. This last year my daughter was fortunate enough to attend the same program that I was in (ahem) 12 years ago as a student. It was so amazing to spend time with Mrs.Tong-Lee again and see her in action and really realize how much she helped form me into who I am today.
Everyone should have a teacher that impacts their life. For me, that was Leila Tong-Lee. I remember her running around the school in charge of everything (just keeping it real) and her creativity would just fall off of her and onto the walls of the halls. She made me see that it was okay to wear many many hats and it was even better to be as creative as possible along the way. 

This was Mrs. Tong-Lee's last year teaching and the last time I saw her, she gave my daughter a little pin with a baby mule on it, our school mascot is the Mule. She also gave me a pin that she was giving to the graduating Seniors of this year, and told me how nice it was to see me over the last year. I told her to just stop there and give me a hug, because she was going to make me cry. She will always hold a spot in my heart and after 40 years of teaching, she definitely deserves a vacation, I hope she is enjoying her retirement. 

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