Let's Go Bring Back Summer- Frozen Birthday!

My daughter, like most little girls asked for a Frozen birthday party this year. Actually, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to have the party because of some health scares in the family around the time of her birthday, so this party was planned in one week!
Decorations and treats are my favorite part of any party. So, my last minute decorations came in the form of posters and giant snowflakes! The treats were fun too! Since it was the middle of the summer I made sure to have blue raspados (sno-cones) to help keep everyone cool. 
We also had frosted krispy treats with snowflake toppers, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, cupcakes, and my famous rosettes. 
Those snowflakes you see above are a family tradition passed down to me by my grandma Aurora. She would make them every Christmas, and before she passed on, she taught me how to make them and now I make them every year for our family. They taste like a powdered sugar covered funnel cake. 
Our little Elsa felt so special in her dress and crown. 
This was the dessert table.
And a close up of all of the goodies and posters. 
I got really lucky with my last minute party. For the middle of July, we had a perfect 78 degrees day! It was overcast and had a breeze and luckily, we did not melt. At every party of mine, I try to transform our backyard to match the theme, this was no different. With the help of my dad, we draped the patio in blue and purple and hung giant paper snowflakes covered in glitter all around. I tried to make sure even if it wasn't cold, it was going to appear cold. 
Here I had some favors for the kids and treats for the movie. Crowns, Glow Sticks, Popcorn, and Cotton Candy always help a last minute party get going. 
Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!
These are just a handful of the kids at the party, when these 4 year old little girls get together, it get's pretty loud!
With a house full of kids, you've got to have a pinata! 
Once the sun began to set, everyone found a spot on the lawn, laid out a blanket and grabbed some popcorn to get ready for the movie. Everyone was so excited and most of the kids had never seen an outdoor movie before, this was a first. 
Photo Courtesy of Laura Chavez
 So how much more perfect can a Summer birthday party get? Well, how about adding an outdoor movie?! I know everyone had seen Frozen already, and most of the kids had seen it a hundred times. But that's what made it most exciting! All the kids singing along and having a great time, made for amazing memories for everyone. 
If you are interested in having an outdoor movie for your next event, I recommend Fun Flicks. They were so great and helped make this party so much fun. Our helper showed up early to set up the screen, projector and speakers and while we all waited for the sun to set even more, he set up the popcorn machine! 
Thanks Fun Flicks for adding such a fun time to the party, find them on their Facebook