Back to waking up early.. I mean Back to School!

This happened this week. We are back to school, back to waking up at 6 a.m., back to yelling "Brush your teeth!" across the house, back to the hustle! Last year they were at two different preschools and this year they are going to the same school, starting at the same time, but getting out at different times. 

I am very excited for my daughter to start Kindergarten this year. She is a very sensitive, cautious and smart young lady, and I worry about her being at school all day long (and I miss her). It's strange thinking that she has to take care of herself now. Of course there are teachers around, but she's my baby and I want to be there to answer every question and concern that she has. Actually, I did have a sense of relief when I found out that not only is she in a classroom with 1st graders, but her teacher is a friend of mine. The fun part for me is asking her what she learned and what she did and if she liked her lunch and seeing her face light up as she fills me in on her day.

My littlest started big girl preschool and honestly, I don't worry about her one bit. She is the kind of kid that is up for anything, without hesitation. I am probably more comfortable with her going to school because she has the same wonderful teacher that my oldest had last year. My littlest loves school, she's smart but loves to play more than learn. I know this about her and I love it about her. She's my baby and I am excited that she's excited. 

At the end of the week my oldest already learned to READ! She came home and excitedly read a few sentences of high frequency words to me. I cried. I can't wait for her to enter the world of reading! My littlest also learned how to sign apple, and can't stop talking about a boy named David. Haha! I know I'm in trouble. 
It's going to be a fun year!!!