The tooth fairy is on her way...

I just wanted to share with you all that my oldest daughter lost her first tooth today. 
It was very exciting because 3 months ago, her permanent teeth came in behind her baby teeth and it freaked me out! I got a lot of mixed advice when I asked around about how common this is. When my daughter had her first x-rays done of her teeth at 2 1/2 years old, her dentist told me to brace myself, because she was definitely going to need braces. Now, I can see how he was able to predict that. 

Today, while eating pancakes at Norm's Restaurant, her first baby tooth fell out. 
She was very excited because of course, she remembered that I mentioned we would make a very special tooth pillow when the time came. So, we rushed home to make the pillow. 

She fell asleep tonight very excited at the thought of the tooth fairy coming and taking her tooth. Her version involves the tooth fairy weighing her tooth on a scale and then crushing it so they can have more tooth fairy dust. She also predicted the tooth fairy would leave $25! I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Good night, my sweet Lacey. I hope you are having the sweetest of dreams tonight. My little big girl, can you please stop growing. Please.