Family Jam at the LA Zoo

I've said it many times before on this blog, living in Los Angeles, the LA Zoo is one of our favorite places to visit! There are celebrations year round at the LA Zoo, from Boo! at the Zoo, to Reindeer Romp, ZOOdiac Lunar New Year Celebrations, and the Spring Fling Bunny Hop, there is always some fun going on! 
We recently were invited to check out one of their fun Summer celebration, Family Jam at the L.A. Zoo sponsored by Rio 2 Blu-Ray/DVD. My girls were so excited when they found out that they were going to be at the Zoo at night!

You know you've got a fun night ahead of you when you are greeted at the gate by jugglers! How fun right?! 
 After receiving our scavenger hunt map and while entering the LA Zoo we were met with friendly animal encounters such as this beautiful parrot, a snake, and an armadillo. 
The scavenger hunt took place in the recently opened Rainforest of the Americas exhibit, since many of the animals in Rio 2 are from the Rainforest, the hunt was both fun and educational. Me and my girls visited the exhibit when it first opened, so they were really excited to show their daddy all of their favorite spots. 
At the very end of the scavenger hunt, there was more fun to be had with Radio Disney. My girls showed up just in time to play a round of hot potato and win some prizes. If you ask them, they'll tell you this was their favorite part of the evening. We now are in love with Radio Disney!
 Did I mention the food trucks yet? Mmm, the trucks were located all around to satisfy everyone's tastes! I saw a pupusa truck that I really wanted to try but ended up eating our first Tornado Potato! Yum!
Unfortunately, this was the best shot of the night. I wish I could capture all of the fun it was to see the animals in their habitat during the evening. The Koala's and Kangaroos were really active, you can hear their different night sounds from the animals and of course, my favorite was the gorillas. Their habitat was just so amazing as the sun set and all of the Gorillas were out and active and watching everyone watch them. 

Connect with the LA Zoo for the latest news, contests and events coming up like Roaring Nights and Brew at the Zoo!