Summer Fun at Buccaneer Cove, Castle Park! ($7 off inside)

Summer is here and kids are out of school, now what? Well, if you need a fun place to take them let me tell you about Buccaneer Cove at Castle Park in Riverside, CA. This was our first time here, since my girls are finally tall enough for the really fun stuff. And we had so much fun!
Located off of the 91 freeway in Riverside, we've passed Castle Park so many times before. My oldest daughter is a thrill seeker already at 5 years old, she loves this stuff! The happiest I ever see her, is when she is going down a slide or riding a ride. Castle Park is the perfect place to take the kids and during the Summer, they can cool off at Buccaneer Cove. 
This is the welcome map located at the entrance of the park. She loves maps!
We were some of the first guests to arrive on this hot day in Riverside and were so excited to jump right in. I loved the bright colors all around, it's more exciting that way! 
A piece of advice, you can't really play here and not get wet, or only get wet a little. When you climb the stairs to get to the slides, you are being splashed by water the entire time. I didn't think I was going to be getting wet, but my girls needed a little initial nudge, so of course, I was immediately soaked. 
I only had to walk through it once, then my daughters were good to go on their own. One of my favorite parts, as a parent, is that there are so many attendants around the slides, you can feel safe letting your kids play and walk from slide to slide. 
These are some of the bungalows they have available to rent, there are more located on the other side of the slides. I personally think that these are a great idea, since there isn't much shade anywhere else in the area. There are rows of chairs available to sit and sunbathe, but not many in the shade. Also, there are small changing tents available at the entrance to do quick bathing suit changes.  
If slides are a little daunting for your little ones, there are a lot of areas surrounding the slides, like this where the kids can play and get wet. 
My littlest one wasn't in the best mood that day and after playing in the water for just a few minutes, she wanted to sit and watch. Sometimes you have days where you don't know what kind of mood the kids are going to be in. She usually loves water and the slides, but on this day, she decided to not be in the mood. Luckily, the snacks I had in my bag kept her occupied until my other daughter was ready. 
"Mom! Look! A pirate! Take our picture!"

Although my girls were most excited about Buccaneer Cove, I was excited to show them Mini-Golf for the very first time. This is one of the best Mini-Golf places around, the courses are fun and the view is amazing! 
How beautiful is this? There is so much to do and see here! We had a blast doing Mini-Golf for the first time and when we were done with that, we headed straight into the arcade to win some tickets. After the arcades we had some lunch and then went on only a few rides, since of course, my littles were pretty tired by then. But what I loved was that the park seemed to accommodate kids of all ages. There are a good amount of rides and games for both the older kids and the little ones. We had such a great time, my girls haven't stopped talking about this place. 

So readers listen up! I have a promo code for you! 
If you mention "blog2014" you can get unlimited rides, golf, and admission into Buccaneer Cove for $12.99! Normal price is $19.99. 

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