Rachel & The TreeSchoolers Kickstarter Campaign (update)

Update: Rachel and the TreeSchoolers episodes were successfully funded through Kickstarter! Congratulations! 

I don't think I have ever talked about my interest in the ASL culture on my blog before. I remember my Nina Margaret teaching me how to sign the Alphabet when I was little and I've always taken that with me. A couple years ago I started taking lessons online but I realized I didn't have the time to devote to really learn and it was hard to teach myself. I promised myself once my girls were a little older I would take a class and become certified and hopefully that will happen soon. My oldest daughter is also interested, I taught her how to spell her name in ASL and because of the school she goes to, (they have an amazing program for deaf/heard of hearing children) she has learned a lot of signs already.
You may have seen the Emmy nominated Signing Time on Nick Jr. and Netflix, it is a fun and educational show created by Rachel Coleman and her sister Emilie. Signing Time teaches children American Sign Language or ASL and features Rachel's daughter Leah who is deaf. 

Rachel has a new show called Rachel & The TreeSchoolers that has completely been funded by families through Kickstarter, because according to the studios she took the pilot episode to, it is "too educational." Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is based on a complete preschool curriculum and prepares kids for kindergarten. The show uses layered learning and engages children by teaching signs, games, songs and dance. 
Rachel and the TreeSchoolers first 5 episodes were funded through Kickstarter and 3 episodes are being funded now. Through Kickstarter families get to decide which shows get made, interact with Rachel, and some have even been involved in filming.

So let's help get these last 3 episodes funded! Only 1 in 8 children's shows on television are considered highly educational. I know kids aren't supposed to watch very much TV, but we should also help make sure that what is available to them is educational. Let's do our part. 

Click the link to get to the Kickstarter campaign. 
Thank you!