The Perfect Summer Treat at Shave It! (Norwalk)

Disclaimer: I received complimentary samples while on my tour of Shave it Norwalk. However, all opinions are my own. They really are as delicious as they sound! 

Summer is here people. There is no denying it, even though the calendar technically says that we have another month until Summer is officially here, today is 100 degrees in Los Angeles. So, it is time to prepare! When you are in need of a sweet cold treat, I've got a great new place for you! Recently me and my girls were lucky enough to get a tour of Shave It, Norwalk.
Shave It is such a unique treat. It is freshly shaved ice like you've never had it before. Imagine taking a bite into freshly fallen snow, covered in delicious flavor, and topped with an ice cream. I didn't realize how well it was all going to work together, but oh em gee! It is amazing! 
There are so many amazing flavor combinations to choose from so be prepared to stare at the menu for a good few minutes. Or, check them out on Yelp, Facebook or Instagram for customer recommendations. That is how I heard about the TWIX! 
Oh yeah! I kept seeing this one and knew I had to try it. You are looking at Cookie dough ice cream and French Vanilla flavored Ice, topped with Caramel and Fudge. I know I know.. it tastes as good as it sounds. 
Oh and another fan favorite that I hear is very popular is the Cookie Monster. Just picture blue shaved ice with cookies and cream ice cream. Mmmmmm! 
Here are a few other favorites that are on the menu: Nintendo Crash (Cherry and Lime with sour sprinkles) and Susie Q (Watermelon and Pink Lemonade with Vanilla Ice Cream). Both are awesome. 
My littlest one enjoyed every last bite of her Shave It, she keeps asking when we can go back.
I caught my Mom enjoying her Shave It also. 
The Norwalk location has a great atmosphere, both fun and chill. The entire place is decorated in shades of blue, mimicking water, waves, and the ocean. It is pretty peaceful. That is, until a crowd of people come in, then of course, the mellow mood becomes more lively. 
I actually didn't notice how special the walkway was until my I realized my daughters didn't want to leave. These floor panels react to your step, like walking on water. It is quite mesmerizing. 
The staff at Shave It Norwalk are really super friendly and very helpful. If you aren't sure about what flavors you would like to try, just ask. They are the experts for sure. 
If you are around So Cal you may have seen the Shave It truck around town. They go just about everywhere and are always at various events and fundraisers, even birthday parties! They are such a fun group of people. You can contact them here for information on their truck and how you can book them for your event. 

Although I have only been to Shave it Norwalk, there are other locations that may be closer to you, so go ahead and check out their site for other Shave It locations. 

Have you ever been  to Shave It? If you haven't you definitely need to stop by and try them out.