So Much Fun in Adventure City!

Disclosure: I was provided admission for me and my family to spend the day at Adventure City to experience all of the fun! All opinions are my own. 

A few weeks ago my girls and I were lucky enough to spend the afternoon at Adventure City in Anaheim, CA. To be honest, I had never heard about Adventure City before, I knew Knotts Berry Farm and Medieval Times were in the area, but Adventure City was not on my radar. I am so glad that I got to visit this place, me, my kids and my husband LOVED IT! We had the best time here. This place is a little more low-key than the other amusement parks, but in such a great way. The rides are perfect for the little ones. Not too little, not too big. Most of the rides are not too fast and don't go too high and my girls had so much fun going from ride to ride. 
Did you see my goat selfie? Haha. When we first got there, we went straight for the petting farm. The mini goats are super friendly and you can feed them, brush them, or take pictures with them. 
This was Lacey's first time on a roller coaster. She looked at me and said, "Can I go all by myself?" After I wiped my tears away, I told her yes, since she was tall enough. As you can see, this is the type of ride that you can go on with your little one if they need that extra support. She was so proud of herself even though she said it made her tummy feel funny. 
The rock wall was a fun idea. But my littles are a little too little for this. I think the next time they might be ready, but they got about 4 feet up, then froze and needed assistance from the helper, who helped them go a few inches more, until they both burst into tears. Still, they tried it! 
Walking in to Adventure City we walked right past this Creative Play Area and right towards the rides. On our way out though the girls saw Thomas and wandered in. This little area is a great relief for parents, in a shady area, with little benches, and the kids can build and play by themselves and with other kids. 
We kept seeing the park's train go around all day and when we finally got on the train, these are the smiles that I got from them. I loved the little train, there was a great breeze while we go over a river, under a tunnel and all around the park. 
This little mini ferris wheel type of ride called the Giggle Wheel was fun for them. I love that these rides are perfect for my 5 year old and 3 year old to go by themselves, or for a parent to go on with them. 
The Arcade! 
I like to leave the game playing up to my husband, since he is much better at winning games and getting tickets. He always manages to hit the jackpot on these kiddie games and I always end up at the machine turning in 400 tickets. These games are perfect for kids of all ages, my littles had fun and I could see the older kids having a good time too.
 I have never been a fan of rides (except the time recently when I faced my fears) but I've always been a fan of the Carousel. The Carousel at Adventure City is at the center of the entire park, very pretty and classic. 
I'm telling you this place is amazing, it just kept getting better and better. We grabbed our very affordable and yummy food from their cafe or fill up station and sat under this big shady area with picnic benches, and before we knew it, a show started! These two very energetic young ladies came out and put on a little skit and songs that had the kids giggling. 
 I love finding new places to hold parties and Adventure City has pretty unique spaces. There are a few areas to host birthday parties, but this one is really pretty and you can watch as the train passes right through the room. (The staff is young and energetic and super friendly too, which always helps for a successful party!)

I can't tell you enough how much our family loved Adventure City! It is perfect for the little ones, and very non-stressful for the parents. My husband has very little patience for crowds and lines and this place was so easy going, with 5-10 minute waits at the most for all rides, it was such a fun time for everyone. The prices are really affordable with general admission at only $16.95!!

 Make sure to check out Adventure City's site for more information on Summer hours and discounts and to stay tuned for the opening of their new ride Rewind Racers- the first family shuttle coaster in North America. The coaster will move both forward and backwards and will accommodate riders of all ages. With a mere 39 height requirement, the coaster¹s unique design comfortably seats both small children and adult passengers, allowing the whole family to join in on the fun.

So tell me: Have you ever been to Adventure City?