Johnson's No More Tangles 3-Step Regimen and Summer Hair Tutorial

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When my oldest daughter was born she had a full head of hair. Six months later, she was balder than bald. I remember I couldn't wait for her hair to grow in so I could play with it and style it and put pretty bows in it. Now, 5 years later, her hair is to her waist! And with two daughters my hands are definitely full. Both of my girls have waist length hair but with very different textures, so I spend a lot of time washing, brushing, and styling their hair every day, twice a day. 

Sadly, I know that one day, my girls' hair will be their responsibility and they won't need me as much.
 I can just see it now: 
"Mom! I ran out of shampoo!" "Mom! I need the flat iron!" "Mom! Where's the hairspray!" 

For now, their heads are all mine! That is why I use Johnson's No More Tangles hair care line. First of all, I LOVE the way it smells. It doesn't quite smell like baby, but it smells sweet and fresh. Second, it makes my life so much easier with their No More Tears formula. So, when I'm helping them shower, I don't have to worry about it getting in their eyes and having a melt down. Third, No More Tangles. This has changed my life. I use the Leave In Conditioner as I brush out their hair before they go to bed and now that time of night has gone from us struggling with tangles and knots to being able to calm down and enjoy the moment. Lastly, the Detangling Spay has become a part of our morning routine as we get ready for school. It helps to calm the fly-aways and smooth the hair out for their hair-do.

As I mentioned before with two heads of long full hair, the possibilities are endless! I put together a quick and easy hair tutorial for long hair. 
Step 1: This easy peazy hair tutorial always begins with Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo and Conditioner and Johnson's Leave In Conditioner before brushing out the hair. 
Step 2: Part the hair and start braiding the hair above the ear. 
Step 3: Wrap the braid across the head to the other side and pin using bobby pins. 
Step 4: Add flowers or a bow to finish off the look and TA-DA! 
This is the perfect hairdo for long hair during the Summer. It gets the hair off of the neck and away from the face to help keep your little one nice and cool. 
 Oh! How would you like to see a video tutorial of a few more style ideas? Check it out:

The three-step regimen is essential for maintaining healthy-looking and nourished hair:
  • Step 1: Cleanse. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Shampoo & Conditioner leaves hair beautiful and easy to manage
  • Step 2: Nourish. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Leave In Conditioner controls wild frizz and tangles for silky, shiny hair
  • Step 3: Style. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray instantly unlocks stubborn knots in wet or dry hair
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