Facing my fears at Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier

Disclaimer: I received admission for the day for me and my kids to have some fun and to help with this review. All opinions are mine, mine, and mine. 
One of my favorite things in the world is driving west on the 10 freeway until it ends. It ends with a tunnel and at the end of that tunnel, just like magic, there for everyone to see is the Pacific Ocean. It's a beautiful view.. and right to your left in all of its glory, you can see Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. It's bright and beautiful and there is so much to do.
If you are planning to visit soon, don't forget to get your coupon for 20% off of all day wrist band. But keep reading to see what fun stuff we got into when we visited. 

I think when my little ones first arrived at Pacific Park, they were very excited and then very nervous. I think the sight of the roller coaster and ferris wheel may have overwhelmed them a bit. But we were so delighted to see all of the rides that were perfect for my little ones. 
Do you see those happy faces? The little one is very hard to please when it comes to rides, she doesn't like anything too fast, or too high so luckily we found a few rides that made her smile that big! 

This was a favorite by the both of them. Their first time on bumper cars! They wanted to go on these over and over again. 
I have always wanted my daughter to go on one of these trampolines! I kinda had to bribe her to get on this, because she was watching an older kid doing flips and things, but it was a big step for her to even get on it! I was so excited to watch her jump high and that smile on her face was priceless. 
The games at Pacific Park are fun and easy and you will definitely leave there with a keepsake prize. 
The weather is always perfect at the beach. We arrived before noon to overcast skies and the sun peeked in and out of the clouds to keep us perfectly warm. 
At night, this really really tall ferris wheel lights up so bright and pretty and to me, scary! I have been so deathly afraid of heights my entire life. Heights and rides and all of that scare the bejeezus out of me, they always have. I always said I didn't want to impose my fears on my children and so even though it freaks me out that my daughter loves rides, I always sit by and watch. This time I told my daughter that I would face my fears with her and we would all go on the ferris wheel together. Of course, my littlest one chickened out and my mom had to stay with her. So, I did it. 
Look at us! Well, look at my daughter. She loved it! I love that she is not afraid. I, on the other hand hated every second I was on that ferris wheel. That smile on my face is fake. Lol! Well, I did feel proud of myself. Never in my dreams would I think that I would step foot on a ferris wheel, let a lone, a giant one overlooking the ocean. I had one hand holding tight to my daughter's hand and the other hand holding onto the pole in the center of the bucket. I could not even look back let alone move, it was the longest 20 minutes of my life. But, I faced my fear! 

Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier is a really great time, for all ages. I get why it is such a popular date night place, place to drop the teens off for the day, or take the little ones for some fun. There is something for everyone. Don't forget to go get that coupon before you go and make sure to check out their site for any special events.