Weigh-In Wednesdays- Update

Well.. it's been a few months since I last posted a Weigh-in Wednesday post and for good reason. I have felt bad that I have not maintained my diet that I was so hopeful to stick to. So, as I was starting to feel bad about myself and then I realized, wait I do have something to report. I still walk 2-3 miles a week, and the other day I hiked up a hill for the kite festival and yes, I was out of breath, but my heart did not feel like it was about to fail, and I was able to catch my breath in less time than usual. That's kinda big for me! In fact, it made me super proud. I told myself, I wanted to lose a ton of weight, but my main goal was to be comfortable walking during our 5th March for Babies. With the walk happening in less than two weeks, I think I am more than ready. In fact, I think I will even jog a bit.. or not. I don't know. I'll let you know. Thanks for checking in.