5th Annual March for Babies

Hello all!

I am sad to say we missed this years March for Babies.
This was our 5th year, and I was very excited to go. But of course, the night before, my littlest one came down with a fever, and had it all through the night and next day.
I woke up early that morning, and wondered what I should do.
Should I just take my oldest daughter and go with my husband and best friend?
Should we just stay home? Not wanting to leave a man behind, we decided not to go.

We chose March of Dimes as a foundation to raise money in our son Gabriel's name. You can read his story here

I was 7 months pregnant with Lexie on our first walk and I thought I was going to go into preterm labor on that day. It was a very painful and tough walk for me, and I will never forget it. I know, imagine the irony, here I am raising money for a foundation who's main focus is to help and prevent preterm deliveries and to support families with children who are born prematurely, and I thought I was going to go into labor on the streets of LA.

When I was talking to my husband when we woke up, I asked, "Should we go and leave Lexie with my parents?" Well, Lexie was laying in between us and she piped in with a whiny little "Nooooooooo!" She was just as excited to go with us, and I didn't want to do it without her.

Next year will be here before we know it and we will be back there bright and early on a April Saturday morning.

We will still be raising money throughout May. If you would like to donate to our Team, please do so at www.marchforbabies.org/cynthiaduarte