My 1st Blogger Conference: Bloggy Boot Camp Women Get Social (San Diego)

Before I get into all of the amazingness that I took away from my first bloggers conference ever, I have to thank for giving me this opportunity. A few weeks before the conference, one of my favorite bloggers and speaker at the conference, Denise at PearMama, shared the contest to win a ticket to Bloggy Boot Camp's Women Get Social bloggers conference, I entered and to my surprise received an email a few days later that I was chosen! 
The biggest tip that I got from fellow bloggers was to make sure I have a business card. So, I did it. I finally settled on a design that I liked and not only do I kinda love it, I'm kinda proud of it. 
Unfortunately, I missed the first day of the conference due to circumstances that were out of my control.  But bright and early on that rainy Saturday morning I drove down to San Diego and arrived at the lovely Bahia Resort. After finding where the conference was being held, I grabbed my name badge and adorable lanyard and walked into a room filled with women and all of a sudden, panic hit me! I did not know any person that was in that room. In fact, I had only met a few of these lovely women for minutes at a time. Suddenly, I'm the new kid trying to navigate the cafeteria. I stood there for a really long minute trying to figure out where to sit, when I hear, "Cynthia! You made it!" and just like that, I can breathe. Thank you Melissa of for that, you were as sweet and funny in person as you are online. 

The ladies of So Cal Lady Bloggers have become my go-to for almost everything in my life, so I was really excited to meet some of them in person and be welcomed to their table. 

Oh and did I mention I was partially deaf on this day? Oh yeah. My ears were full on fogged? clogged? stuffed? I don't know what the proper word is for it, but it sucked. When the room was quiet and only one speaker was speaking I could hear what they were saying (thank God). But when everyone was talking at once like during breaks, lunch and the wine party, I could not hear what the person next to me was saying. I felt awkward. I hope I didn't come off as awkward, but I was totally reading lips the whole time and possibly talking too low or too loud. So, if we chatted at the conference and I seemed a little uncomfortable, that was what was up.

I wish I could share with you everything I learned from that day, because I left that day so overwhelmed with information. I have to say I really enjoyed the Latina track presented by Latina Bloggers Connect. There were some AMAZING Latina Bloggers that shared some valuable information, that really only they could. It was so nice to be surrounded by women who could help me to embrace my culture even more. 

A lot of what I took away from this conference was a bunch of questions. Very important questions. What is my vision? What do I want to have happen? How am I changing lives? What am I doing to change the world?
How am I infusing my culture?
and what hit home the most for me was this:
By far, that has been my biggest challenge since I started to take blogging more seriously. I started to stress and stopped enjoying it as much. Also, now that my girls are getting older, they have started to guilt trip me more about always being on the computer. Thankfully, I was given some great tips on how to better use my time. 
So, you want to know how I know this was the best first conference for me to go to? The day ended with a Mac-N-Cheese bar and DELICIOUS wine from Mirassou. Their Moscato was so crisp and sweet and was the best way to end this and any other day. 
Thanks so much for reading about this incredibly special day and I hope you will begin to see some positive changes in my little blog.