Shirley Temple Vintage Valentine 1st Birthday Party

Yes! This party was featured by the amazing Kara's Party Ideas!

Oh, do I have a party for you?! We just celebrated my niece Emma's 1st birthday with a Shirley Temple Vintage Valentine theme. My Sister-in-Law Tricia started thinking about her daughter's 1st birthday, probably by the time she was 3 months old.  You can never plan too much, and this proves that, this party was beautiful. Check out the details and feel free to Pin away.
The invitation began with this beautiful dress created by Lover Dovers for her birthday photo shoot. I took the picture and added a the info for the insert and my Sister-in-Law assembled the adorable enclosure that included ribbon, lace, and a picture of Shirley Temple.
The birthday party took place only a few days after actress Shirley Temple passed away. It seemed like a way to honor her early film career because she was on the minds of  a lot of the guests. It was nice though, as the guests looked at all of the movie posters we had, they were able to share their memories of Shirley Temple.

This was the front door and entry to the party.
The dessert table featured beautiful pictures of the birthday girl and lots of cookies and candies. The naked birthday cakes were also front and center on this table. The birthday poster I designed was the centerpiece and it highlighted all of Emma's favorite things from her first year.
Here is a close up of the birthday poster I created. So beautiful right? I love it! 
My Sister-in-Law thought of everything and as you walked outside you were definitely in for a treat.
 Here is a photo of the make your own Shirley Temple drink table. This was great, it was a sunny 80 degree day in Southern California and this drink was definitely refreshing. 
Here is the Birthday girl enjoying the pool filled with balls.
 This was the favor table. On top you can see some of the favorite family photos of Emma, followed by a photo timeline of Emma at every month of her first year. The favors were hand painted  personalized jewelry boxes for the girls, and vintage toys for the boys. Each child also took home a box of animal crackers. 
Vintage Boys Favors
Girls Favors
 This was the tea party that was set up on a kids table for the little ones to play with. Behind you can see the Shirley Temple movie posters I printed and the garland. 
 A few photos of Shirley Temple were placed on the main table as well. 
The Kids Craft Table was so much fun for both the kids and adults. It kept the kids occupied for a lot of the party, which was a treat for the parents. The kids had fun painting, gluing, drawing, coloring and making beaded necklaces. 
Fun at the craft table.
Here is a close up of the garland and movie posters.
 ...more of the garland that was hung around the patio as well.
 Daddy's girl. 

 All of the girls had a great time at Emma's birthday. The birthday girl insisted on joining all of the big girls at the tea party table.
 The garland consisted of paper fans, hearts, doilies and paper dresses.
 A close up of the decor for the birthday girl's highchair. 
The birthday girl highchair with her personalized name banner.
The happy family celebrating Emma's very 1st birthday.  
Great job Tricia! You created a beautiful and memorable sweet 1st birthday for Emma. Thank you for letting me help and be a part of it.