Weigh in Wednesdays- Week 2

Okay, so I am about to get really real with you right now. This past week was kind of a bust. It was my daughter's birthday and we celebrated quite a bit. I don't think I had prepared myself for what to do when going out of my daily routine while on a diet. My Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law surprised my daughter with a trip to the mall for her first Build-a-Bear experience (which was adorable) and LUNCH. Let's just say I didn't choose a salad at the mall food court, and while out for dinner at BJ's, again, I did not choose a delectable salad off of their menu, and I shared my daughter's pizookie! Next time I will try harder to make wiser decisions while out and about. 

 The party post will be up soon, and you will see all of the yummy treats that I made for the party. So, yeah... this week's diet didn't go well. But! I have walked 3 miles this week, and have been drinking tons of water and I will be taking the advice of a supporter who said, to not let a bad day turn into a bad week, bad month and bad year. So, I'm getting back on track, and hopefully next week I have better results to share with you. Thanks for listening. :)