DIY Hello Kitty Headband

I really wanted to make headbands with white Hello Kitty ears and a big Red Bow for the girls to wear at Lacey's 5th Birthday. So, the only thing I had a hard time finding was thin all white headbands.
 I found 4 packs of colored headbands at the dollar store for... well $1. So, I bought three packs of 4 ($4), one can of white spray paint ($3) and then a few sheets of Red and White felt from JoAnn's. 
I spray painted the headbands white and let them dry over night. 
The next day, after they were no longer sticky, I started working on the ears and bow. 
Here you go, step by step:
  1. Cut out rectangles and strips from the red felt.
  2. Glued all the way around so the rectangle was closed.
  3.  Pinch the center.
  4.  Hot glue the center of the pinch.
  5.  Wrap the strip around the center. 
  6. Glue the overlap in the back. 
  7. Trim the excess. 

The ears were easy. I didn't use a template, just cut a sharp edged oval and cut out a bunch of them. Then I folded the ear over the headband and hot glued all the way around. 

So, super easy and affordable!