What's been going on?

I am in the middle of an end of the year rut! I have a million things going on and currently, my blog is taking a back seat. I wish I could say, "Oh, I'm taking the month of December off!" But, that's not the case. I'm just gonna let you know what I'm working on and when I get the chance to get photos up, I will definitely share those.

End of the year photo book from Shutterfly
Last year I put together a photo book with all of the pictures I had taken throughout the year. I categorized the pictures by activity and alphabet. So, for the first page I did the letter A with pictures of the girls with their Ant Farm and painting their Art, B had pictures of them at the Butterfly Pavilion and reading books and so on. This year I am actually able to categorize the pictures in chronological order, so I start with Christmas of last year, since it was not included in the last book. The organizing and designing takes me quite a long time! But, I know it's worth it. I LOVE having the memories in a book form.

Christmas Crafts
We've been decorating since December 1st. We have our tree up and we've been slowly adding more and more and more to our house. We have houses that light up, a frosty that ice skates, a train in a snow globe, a nativity scene, and now a train that has taken over our formal dining table. It really has almost gotten out of hand. The girls are at the perfect age where they are excited about all the little things, so it's been fun.

Lacey's 5th Birthday
Lacey's birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas. Every year, as I send out Christmas Cards, I include a birthday invitation as well. I get so busy this time of year because as you can see in all of my party posts, I like to make everything myself. :) Stay tuned next month for all the Hello Kitty details.

Christmas Shopping
We are on a major budget this year with Christmas presents, so the shopping has been a little slow. But for me, since we are not buying a whole lot, (they don't need a lot) I am also trying to plan thoughtful presents.

Christmas Card designs/Personalized Notepads
I am designing some Christmas cards for customers and have been designing some Personalized notepads to sell as well. It is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time, but it's fun.

So, that is just some of the stuff going on ON TOP OF all of the normal day to day stuff with my girls. Today I walked 2.5 miles in 40 degree weather picking up my girls from school. I've also been making a lot of soups lately for dinner. I made my Mother in Law's Pozole a week ago, and last night I made Turkey pot pies. I think we are definitely in need of some Chocolate chip cookies in this house, so now, there is something else on my to do list.

Alright, let me dive back in to my madness! I'll be back in a few days.. :)