Bring it on 2014! I'm ready... I think!

Okay New Year! What do you have in store for me? Or, shall I say, What do have in store for me? I am actually really excited and a little stressed about this upcoming year. I have a lot of goals for this year, but one main goal that I could use all of your help with, is going to be my weight loss journey. I have never ever ever opened up about my struggle with my weight, because well, I have never really confronted it. I mean if you see me, it is obvious, but if you don't know me in real life, then, you probably have no idea.

Every year I diet for 2 weeks, lose 10-15 pounds, and then "reward" myself by eating. So, I have hit my limit. Last month while taking family pictures, I saw myself for what seems like the first time in forever, and I am not happy with what I have seen. I have completely trained myself to not look at my body in mirrors, I wear all black, all the time, and over-sized clothes. I am done. I am hoping that, through my blog, I can keep myself accountable to this weight loss. I will not set a goal, I just want to actually maintain a weekly check-in and hopefully stay motivated. So, if you are reading this and following along, I could really use any and all words of encouragement.

I will post in the next few days about my "Game Plan."

Thanks for listening...