My baby's 1st day of PreSchool!

The most anticipated day of the year (in this household) has come and gone. Lacey's 1st day of school went off without a hitch! The truth is, I was probably more nervous than she was. I mean, although she was not my first baby, she was my first baby that I got to take home and hold. That may have been why I had an abnormal attachment to her. As a baby, it took me a few weeks before it felt like I was really keeping her, and because of that I spent every moment with her.
I considered homeschooling them for a minute there, before I realized how much they drive me crazy! And how much they would love going to school. Lacey woke up with a smile, brushed her teeth, got dressed, ate breakfast and posed for pictures. She was so calm and ready. While other kids cried, she waved goodbye. She had a great day at preschool and couldn't wait to get back. Her school seems pretty amazing and I can't wait to see how she grows and adapts at school.

(BTW: The sign you see her holding was a $2- 20 minute project. I bought a black foam board and colored chalk from the Dollar store, 20 minutes later you have a perfect prop for a Back to School picture.)