My Littlest

My littlest one turned 3 yesterday! I wanted to do a post as a tribute to my littlest Lexie. So please bare with me through this quick recap, she is probably my last baby. 
This is Lex at one day old. 
So let me just start by saying, Lexie's entry into this world was awful! Her delivery was a horrible experience. Basically, I freaked out during my C-section and they kept upping my drugs until, according to my husband, I kept yelling gibberish at my doctors. I was completely out of it until an hour or two into recovery. When I finally held her, they took her away to check her heart (My first born was born with a heart condition that he passed away from) and I didn't get to see her again for another 8 hours. I was so panicked and it was one of the longest days ever. When I finally settled into my room with my daughter and tried to fall asleep, I heard the loudest screechiest cry!   Nothing has changed, 3 years later, she still has the shrillest cry that hurts my ears.
I know they look sweet, but looks can be deceiving.
Believe me, they are beautiful, but they are a pain in my ass. Haha!

That smile on my face is a delusion. 2 weeks in, I had high hopes that she would chill out as a baby. She didn't. She was such a cry baby from day one to day 1,095. Haha! 

Here she is as my one year old wild child. She has kinda always been a goofball, and it's always great to see her smile. When it came time to plan her first birthday, all I could think was: She's such a little monster. Check out her Monster party
Here is my terrible 2 year old Lexie. I never knew what kind of mood she was going to be in. She would have great days and bad days. Some days she would be agreeable and some days, she would just be difficult. But either way, at some point in the day, she was sweet. When it came to her 2nd birthday, she loved Jessie the cowgirl, so she had a Cowgirl party

Here are pictures from her 3rd birthday photo shoot. We knew her theme was going to be LaLaLoopsy, so I brought all of her dolls for the day and set them up for a tea party. It's always nice when we do a photo shoot for the kids' birthdays because it is their special time, without any other kids around to take the spotlight.
  Her party was a success and will be up on the blog soon! For now, here are some of the best from her photo shoot. 
Lexie and her Loopsy dolls having a tea party. 

My beautiful little lady, she looks so grown up here. 

These are two of her LaLaLoopsy Dolls. I wasn't crazy about these dolls for a while because they are kinda awkward and top heavy, they don't sit by themselves, and they aren't very cuddly. But they are cute!

She looks so sweet here... Don't be fooled! She is a total sour patch kid. First she's sour then she's sweet. First, she'll yell and cry if she doesn't get her way, and then she'll insist that all she wants to do is kiss you and tell you that she loves you. 

So sweet right?

This is her, being tough!  

We decided to take her to the park to get her to move around a bit, since she started to zone out. This definitely worked! 
I love these pictures of my baby girl. 

And this one! Ugh, how great is that smile! This is like winning the lottery, because she hates the camera! My sister-in-law always says, she was born with a camera in her face, and she fights it. She is always looking the other way or not smiling. Well, my littlest Lexie was unexpected from the start and keeps me on my toes. She's such a crazy kid, and I love getting to know the little person she is becoming. 

Thanks for checking it out! Her LaLaLoopsy party post is in the making... stay tuned! 

Oh, and all photos are courtesy of my Sister-in-law Tricia. Thank you for helping me document the lives of my children.